NFL Free Agency Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Tuesday, March 12 at 4 PM is the official start of NFL Free Agency.

    Here's your chance to talk about all the exciting deals your team made (probably just Danielson) or just rip all the other teams for making stupid deals for overrated players (the rest of us) or be sad over the players your teams can't keep (me).

    Also, any suggestions on things to put in this little header thing are welcome.

    Top Free Agents Remaining (according to ProFootballTalk):

    Mike Wallace, Cliff Avril, Greg Jennings, Jake Long, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Paul Kruger, Andre Smith, Aqib Talib, Wes Welker, Michael Bennett, Danny Amendola, Phil Loadholt, Connor Barwin, Sebastian Vollmer, Tony Gonzalez, Sean Smith, Jared Cook, Dashon Goldson, Martellus Bennett, Cary Williams
  2. My team has cut Ahmad Bradshaw and Micheal Boley, also Osi Umenyoria and Bennett are going to be a free agents. We need to fill some holes
  3. I was checking out some pre-FA 2013-14 SB odds and the Giants were unusually low.. 20-1.. thought about throwing some change no there. I think of all the teams with great QBs you had the longest odds, which was strange to me.
  4. I'm hearing Mike Wallace to Miami is about done. that has been rumored all offseason though, so no surprise.
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  5. 20-1... wow. That's actually insulting.
  6. I thought so as well...

    San Francisco 49ers
    New England Patriots
    Denver Broncos
    Green Bay Packers
    Seattle Seahawks
    New Orleans Saints
    Atlanta Falcons
    Baltimore Ravens
    Houston Texans
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Steelers, Texans, Ravens, Falcons??? Give me NYG over any of those retarded teams loooooooooo. NO offense, Rain, I'm sure you aren't expecting a repeat by any stretch
  7. Giants beat 4 teams on that list last year alone lmfao.
  8. I guess Denver might cut Elvis Dumerville if he won't take a pay cut. Interesting. Might be some decent pass rushers on the market.. I know Pittsburgh cut James Harrison last week.
  9. lol, wow... I needed a good laugh this afternoon, thanks.
  10. Funny thing is I was trying to see if I could buy low on the Saints.. and they come in at 14/1 so someone must have already been thinking along the same lines I was. Getting Payton back will be huge and you know they are going to try to gear up for one more run before Brees starts to really fall off.
  11. Yup, I think they will come back with a chip on their shoulder and do some things. You know they can move the ball, it's basically up to their D to get ironed out a bit.
  12. I heard they don't have the cap to bring Cruz back doe? Unless maybe that's why they cut those dudes including Bradshaw.

    Losing him would be a monster blow (even though you would get the teams first round pick who signed him)
  13. Yeah they cut all those guys to resign cruz. They should be able to lock him up for atleast 4 to 5. Keep him and nicks as the 1 & 2 for the forseeable future. I think they are going to restructure diehl, and if not cut him. That'll make it possible. If we lose cruz 20-1 sounds right.
  14. Idk, I think Cruz will get top 5 WR money, and that is upwards of 10-11 per. I hope he stays with the Giants, nowhere else I'd rather see him play, but if he leaves your O could take quite a step back.
  15. I guess Percival Harvin is taking his talents to the Pacific northwest soon. Fucking sick, amazing pick up. I love that team.
  16. I'm not worried about losing cruz at all, if it happens that'd suck, but everything I hear is that they will get something done. Maybe not a long term deal but something will get done, and the rest figured out in due time.
  17. So nobody expects the Giants to win the Super Bowl? Well shit, print the T-Shirts already then. Why bother playing the season?

    No offense taken D'Z, as you say not expecting a repeat. Next year's really up in the air in Baltimore. Mike Wallace in Miami is a nice fit on paper, but players leaving elite teams for crappy ones never works out.
  18. That's usually when they pull off the miracle
  19. Damn. A 1st, 7th, and a mid-rounder next year for Harvin? That's a little much because of the injury risk, but my god. Wilson to Harvin is going to be electric, the rich keep getting richer.
  20. 25th overall pick in a bad draft this year and a mid round pick is a steal IMO
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