NFL may consider negating touchdowns for...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. Isn't there a similar rule in college football?

    because of all the issues in the NFL right now, taunting is what they need to worry about.
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  2. I think the rule is fine now. Just move the ball up 10 yards on the kickoff and kick it out of the endzone.
  3. Exactly. Instead of being worried about all the leg injuries this year, they're worrying about Taunting. The rule is fine now.
  4. I know the giants have been getting flagged for big hits on "defenseless receivers" Let's reward the quarterback for laying his WR out to dry, makes sense. Hate that rule, I can see helmet to helmet, but cmon.
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  5. I feel like after this season NFL is really going to look at all the injuries and see they're all leg and edit the rule a bit. Concussions go away, career ending leg injuries don't.
  6. There is unfortunately nothing they can do. There is a committee of former players that are trying to sue the NFL. They are going to take every precaution necessary to prevent that type of thing happening again.
  7. This seems ridiculous. Taking a TD away for taunting doesn't make a lot of sense. It's a personal error but it doesn't take away from the accuracy and precision of the play. A fine after the game would make a lot more sense if it was that overboard. I could see referees having moments of poor judgment on this and costing teams games because of it. This is far too subjective and some player's actions could be taken the wrong way.
  8. Here is my POV on this: As long as the Saints win, I'm fine.
  9. :true: This past week the giants were flagged for a "group demonstration" Two of their players were doing the berny, and it had 0 effect on the play prior. I don't see how you would even rule that. Ohh.. umm... they scored but uhhhh that didn't count. Redo
  10. This is due to Golden Taints TD this past Sunday. He was waving to a defender as he ran the final 20 yards into the end zone. Suffice to say all the stuffed shirts are up in arms. We can't have any personality show up on the field, it's sacrilege! Want someone think of the children?!?!!
  11. ^Wish they'd look at Nascar, one of the reason they're doing the worst business in years is because you get virtually no personality from the drivers anymore, and that sport used to be filled with them... then again, in the NFL you can easily let your play do the talking.

    Anyone else feel like Roger Goodell's been filled with loads of hot air lately? He says they're "considering a rule", fans go in a crazy uproar, and you never hear of it again. Goodell is the Boy who Cried Wolf in a suit.
  12. Taunting isn't allowed in the No Fun League. Seems like a dumb thing to take away the touchdown.
  13. As long as it isn't offensive ie. a nazi salute, or flipping the bird, it adds to the experience IMO. The taunter gets love from his fans whilst picking up heat from the opposing fans. Nothing builds rivalries faster.
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  14. Basically I love the game, hate the company.
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