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    the draft is behind us and training camps will be opening up before you know it. Time to get some NFL talk going

    Some things I find noteworthy about the Raiders at this point:

    *Reggie McKenzie's ego drives off Amy Trask:

    *Charles Woodson willing to play for rebuilding team:

    *Tyler Wilson is the star of mini camp with people praising his velocity and accuracy

    *His favorite target? 7th round pick Brice Butler is the one drawing the oooos and awwwws

    *Completing the All-Rookie-Hype triplets is rookie RB Lavatius Murray

    I love this kid. Big, strong, fast, instinctive. It's crazy how RBs like this just fall to the 6th round. Think we found a steal with the guy.

    Danielson Aids Johnson Rainman anyone else watch American football :pity2:
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  2. Woodson might not have a choice but to play for a rebuilding team. It surprises me that he is still unsigned.
  3. Nice thread Dolph's.

    In terms of talent Wilson should be starting in Oakland, reports of his weak arm are greatly exaggerated, especially in the West Coast.
    Flynn's probably start because of money. Allen doesn't have Pete Carroll-level cajones.

    Ily Ozzie. All the homo in the world.
  4. I am hugely pumped on our new back. Bama certified, he is going to get a few touches and God willing he actually doesnt get injured (our backs are hurt weekly) we have someone who can pound the ground when we need it.
  5. Really like that you picked up Franklin later. He's a stud. You may have picked the two best backs in the whole draft.
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  6. Shit, piss, yeah. Also it helps with us signing Matthews and Rodgers to huge contracts in the short term.
  7. That Rodgers contract was insane... shit, give him a bunch of money up front and get cap relief and get a happy franchise QB down the road on the cheap? Hell yeah.

    Baltimore resigned McKinnie, marked like crazy. Thank you, highly appreciate that. Like the A.Q. Shipley Trade, Pro Football Focus gave him a really high grade in limited time last year. That looks to be our last hole since reports say the tight ends have really improved and some other receivers are stepping up.

    As long as the Boldin trade doesn't blow up in our faces we should be good unless the locker room turns inside out without Ray and Ed there.
  8. Dude is inconsistent and can't stay out of trouble. He did step up for your team in the playoffs though.
  9. The Eagles signed Felix Jones, and I love the signing with three good Running backs, I expect Felix to get the number 2 spot in the rotation as Brown learns how to hold onto the ball.
  10. Felix is such an enigma. Some games in Dallas he looked unstoppable, and at times last season he looked unworthy of being in the league. All in all he is fairly productive, so he should be a solid depth signing
  11. Yeah, I think the Eagles as a whole had a great offseason and I think Felix getting screen passes along with McCoy man could be dangerous to defend.Who's your favorite team?
  12. The Raiders

    I like the Eagles, though. Not a favorite team of mine or anything, but I'm a huge DeSean fan and like Vick/Shady. Not sure about the Chip Kelly hire or how well they will do in the NFC East though.
  13. The thing I like about Chip Kelly, theirs no doubt when he talks..he believes everything he says.I guess Andy Reid started to piss fans off, when he seemed doubtful about himself said the same thing with losses and wins for years.Kelly is a different person all around he will tell it like it is, and I like that.
  14. I was happy when the Chiefs (raiders rival) hired Reid. He has lost touch, or something. Seeing his fatass basically try to get Vick killed with deep dropbacks behind that line last season... wow. He deserved to be blackballed from the league for that.
  15. That's certainly true, at his age and constant weight issues he can't be relied on for the whole season.
    But even if we brought him in just to back up Osemele at LT and start him in the playoffs again it's a great re-sign.
    Man, the AFC sucks. Still.
  16. Depth? He would be starting at FS for us no question
  17. Yeah, but isn't he coming off an injury?
  18. Yup, which wouldn't change what I said. He still brings enough to the table to start for a shit team, so if he wants to start... he should sign the contract.
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