NFL NFL Play Offs; Let's Just Get To it, OK?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nice Person, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. Ok, here's my idea; **forget** 'Wild Card' teams; let's just have : NFC North Champ VS NFC South, and NFC West Champ VS NFC East.. Then those two winners play against each other for the title of NFC CHAMP.. And have the **same** for the AFC.

    In the event that two teams in a Division end up with the same W-L standing, then they play 1 game to determine the Division winner, but that's it.

    No 3-4 party 'clinched division playoff' stuff. **Then,** we have the SUPER BOWL!!! YES!! \O/
  2. No, considering a wc makes a push every year and often get to the sb
  3. "WC?" Like I said before - the top 4 teams in each Conference; that's it!!!!!!!
  4. Who cares?!?!?! Look, if 2 teams in the same Division are *tied,* then they'd play *one* game and that winner would be *the winner* of that Division. Then NFC North would play NFC South, NFC East would play NFC West, the winners there would face off to determine the NFC Champ. For the AFC, same thing applies - this is much simpler, and takes less time...
  5. well then there would be nothing to play for this week...
  6. Well, then we'd just get down to the nitty gritty :emoji_wink:
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