NFL schedule released

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Here are all of the Thursday/Sunday/Monday Night games:


    ^Full Schedule week by week
  2. Thanks for posting this, D'Z!

    Wow, that's a brutal schedule your Raiders have... Ouch.
    Pretty happy with the Ravens', but 2 games with Pittsburgh 3 weeks apart? Really, NFL?

    Thanksgiving looks awesome, do you know who will be playing in London this year?

    Edit: Rams vs Patriots is in London. *facepalm* Can't they give the great British fans something good?
  3. Surprised at the lack of Pats on prime time unless I miss read only 3 games!
  4. Yea, schedule makers did us no favors. We are the last team to play week 1, then we have to fly alllllllllll the way to Miami. Fly back home to play the Steelers, then Peyton Manning week 4. In Atlanta after the bye, and while I don't think the Falcons are all that, they are tough at home. Fly back across country to take on Jacksonville. In KC, fly home, fly all the way to Baltimore, back home..

    I do like having 3 straight home games in December, if we can keep our heads above water up until that point we can maybe make a run late. Personally I think any of the 4 teams in our division could win it.. will come down to who has luck with injuries (which it usually does.)

    4 primetime games for the Pats Cloud, but only 1 MNF game. Also Sunday Night games are subject to change after like week 12.
  5. Missed the 4th there Dolph's sucks for me tbh as a UK Pats fan! Gonna be hard to keep up specially with no Sky this year. :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. You can always st ream. Pretty sure
    Show Spoiler
    show all the games
  7. ay true just not the same feeling but i will more than likely! such a struggle with nfl and wwe to watch and work haha!
  8. Streaming rules just get a lappy with a hdmi port and you're sorted.

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  9. on that after my hols just need to save first!
  10. FRS does have all the NFL games, or at least they did when .tv was still around.
  11. Cheers guys fingers crossed for this UK Pats fan!
  12. Re: RE: NFL schedule released

    If not stick your nose in the legend section pal a few sites are listed there.

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  13. Cheers @[Seabs] wasn't sure how much NFL they'd show will check them out!
  14. Great, a thread I'm completely lost in.
  15. Only ur forum just close it lmao!
  16. Lmao.

    I was determined to learn NFL stuff too.
  17. Should get into it boss it's awesome! One of my mates got me into it as university and never looked back.

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