NFL Way-Too-Early Playoff Predictions

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  1. This isn't really in-depth analysis, I'm just bored and want to post more Handegg. More power ratings than anything else.

    AFC East: New England. Super Bowl Losers' curse, concerns about the defense, lack of receivers... just stop. You can't pick against Belichick.

    AFC North: Baltimore. They have their question marks this year, but I have more confidence in their defense than Pittsburgh's, and the Ravens offense can score. Either that or I'm a homer and don't want to pick the Steelers.

    AFC South: Houston. If Schaub stays healthy, they're my early SB pick.

    AFC West: Kansas City. That roster is absolutly loaded. Cassel's proven that he's good enough to win in the regular season, but I can't see them going far in the playoffs.

    Wild Cards: Pittsburgh, obviously. Tennessee will get the other, assuming Mike Munchak starts Jake Locker like any intellegent person would.

    Sleeper: Buffalo. This roster is surprisingly awesome, but why did Ryan Fitzpatrick struggle last year? He got hurt at the same time he got a really fat contract, so which caused his play to decline? And were his great performances just a fluke?

    NFC East: NY Giants. 2 Super Bowls, time to give Big Blue some respect.

    NFC North: Green Bay. But... but... Detroit's better now... Chicago will be back... Hush. Come on guys, you can't seriously pick against this buzzsaw, can you?

    NFC South: Carolina. The upgraded defense and Cam Newton's progression leads the Panthers into the promise land.

    NFC West: Arizona. Such an underrated roster, and do not sleep on Tim Tebow-Lite, John Skelton. He'll be competent enough to get them in the playoffs. (San Francisco will fall back to earth)

    Wild Cards: Hmm... Atlanta should make it in like they always do, but the other one was difficult. I hate picking the Cowboys since they always disappoint (although expectations should be lower now), but I can't find a team that's better than them.

    Sleeper: New Orleans. The team in so much disarray from Bountygate but as long as Brees comes back, they could come back and not miss a beat.

    Post yours, guys.
  2. AFC East: Pats
    AFC North: Ravens
    AFC South: Titans
    AFC West: Raiders
    WC1: Steelers
    WC2: Texans

    NFC East: Eagles
    NFC North: Packers
    NFC South: Falcons
    NFC West: 49ers
    WC1: Giants
    WC2: New Orleans

    Don't feel like getting into explanations atm. I'll just say that while most people are on the Texans bandwagon for a SB appearance I just lol @ the thought. Also fuck the chiefs. 4 words. Romeo Crennel, Matt Cassel.
  3. Can definitely see all of this. It should be a good season, there aren't many hopelessly inept teams out there like there usually are, and many teams that should compete for a playoff spot.

    Chiefshave enough talent to win despite of Cassel (one and done in playoffs because of him) and Crennel's underrated. Raiders have plenty of "question marks" since they had to get rid of so many guys, but you never know who will step up. Dennis Allen scares me though.

    SF probably wishes they could have gotten DHB over Crabtree. Lololol

    There are plenty of Texans games in the local market, so I watch them quite a bit... Trust me, these guys are ready, but Schaub will probably be hurt again. I'm avoiding the Eagles bandwagon, Michael Vick is the most overrated player in the league.
  4. I watched most every Texans game last year as a Foster owner in fantasy and I had Sunday ticket. They are good, but Schaub is very average. Their defense over achieved last year IMO, and Wade Phillips tends to fix up teams and they look like world beaters before eventually tailing off. I'll wait and see before jumping on their bandwagon on that side of the ball. Their offensive line lost the entire right side, and Andre is getting old and more and more injury prone. I'm just not seeing it like everyone else is. Foster is an absolute animal though, best RB in the league IMO.

    As far as the Raiders, I just refuse to pick against them when the division is so wide open. We gave it away in week 17 last year, and IMO the AFCW is the most open division in football. All 4 teams have questions, and depending on how things swing I could see any of the 4 teams winning it. As far as who we lost, idk, time will tell I guess. Wimbley is the biggest loss, but he was so inconsistent all we will really miss is a couple of monster games and a bunch of bad ones/mediocre ones. Routt I liked, but dude was a walking penalty, and always at inopportune times. Boss was awful for us, did literally nothing. Bush is a league average back who is durable, but he wasn't good enough to win us games if/when DMC goes down, so whatever. If we lose DMC we are fucked with or without Bush. The key is Mcfadden staying healthy. If DMC plays 14 games, we win the West handily. Palmer will be a lot better not coming in during week 6 off his couch. The defense will be better even with the couple of personnel losses IMO because we will use an actual defensive scheme instead of Al Davis's 1967 man to man across the board every snap with no disguises or blitzes ever.

    so yea, there's my mini rant/outlook on the Raiders season. Obviously I'm a homer, but I'm looking towards next season with the glass half full. What is your favorite team again?
  5. Schaub is pretty good, and I still believe in the defense. They improved largely because of personnel changes. But Kareem Jackson and Glover Quin definitely overperformed and DeMeco Ryans is gone, so we can't expect another suffocating defense, but it could still be top-10. Keep your eye on Lestar Jean ( too.

    Ahh, I haven't heard that much about the Raiders tbh, and am never able to see their games. I've read that they lost too many free agents and have had too many issues with coach continuity for them to compete. But as you say you don't really know what to expect from a lot of these guys or the rest of the division, so there's not much of a reason not to be optimistic.

    Instead of picking a side among the Colts and Titans fans here in Knoxville, in 2007 I picked a different side and went with the Ravens because I love defensive football (which also explains why I defend Schaub, Skelton, and Cassel). The team should be really good this year despite the fears the analysts say, the Rice & Reed holdouts and offensive line issues really scare me though.
  6. Usually the people who are googoo for Schaub are the ones who don't watch him play, but I'm surprised you like him so much since you watch Houston play often. IMHO he is the beneficiary of a great scheme, good players around him, and a solid line. His arm is a JOKE. He puts no zip on the ball ever. He racks up tons of stats off of playaction (defenses always sell out to stop the run against Houston) and he will bootleg out uncontested and flip the ball to a TE or RB who runs freely for 30 yards. He has had the best WR in the league (top 2 at worst) to throw to the entire time he's been their starter. And let's face it, Houston didn't really miss a beat with Leinart (who only played a half granted) and even a 6th round rookie looked good replacing him. He's overrated as fuck. I would take no less than 15 QBs before I would take Schaub.
  7. I'm not googoo over Schaub lol, but he should do better than TJ Yates did in the playoffs. I definitely agree with you, if you stick Schaub in Cleveland people would be calling for his head. But Houston's able to replace people all the time (that's why the offensive line should be fine) without missing a step due to their scheme.

    And for me to dismiss Houston because of Schaub would mean I'd have to dismiss Baltimore due to Flacco. And none of us want to give up on our teams.
  8. I think Flacco sucks, but he did look okay in the playoffs besides overthrowing a couple of wide open guys on deep balls in New England. I keep hearing that Flacco wants to be paid like a top 5 QB though :dawg:
  9. But he's the best QB in the NFL! He deserves it!
  10. For what it's worth I think he is a helluva lot better than Schaub
  11. The packers QB disagrees. :pity:

    PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Detroit is our only competition, and it could be close. Luckily, we have this amazing badass, his name? Charles Woodson. Megatron who?
  12. Chicago >> Detroit IMO
  13. With Detroit, Matt Stafford and Jahvid Best are starting at QB and RB, and while Dolph's doesn't believe in it, the Madden Curse is hitting Megatron.

    There's a good chance their entire offense will be injured. Vanden Bosch is up there in age too, and whenever a team gets THAT much better than a season ago, they usually can't sustain it. Not touching Detroit this year.
  14. I think Detroit will be fine, though I agree Jahvid (who is my boy) and Stafford are highly injury prone. My thing is Chicago will be really good. They were in the NFCCG two years ago, and were 7-3 or 7-4 before Cutler went down last season. Now they have more depth at RB (assuming they nut up and give Forte his money), a legitimate #1 receiver, and a still top tier defense. I could see them with 11 or 12 wins. The only reason they aren't true contenders IMO is their remedial coaching staff.
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  15. Dude Cutler is one of those *should have been* qb's, i loved watching him at Vandy in college, cannon life favre. The unfortunate part? They sold out a grip of their team to get big names who dont have talent, and i doubt they end up much higher than the vikings who i assume will end up 6 wins max, i give chicago 8, and Detroit will take 10. Sick D-line, Stafford will throw almost 5k yards, and his int #s will probably be decent. Megatron does what he does, i dont care what anyone says you could throw him with Ryan leaf (old reference) and he would still be amazing. The packers? Division winners easily, and it's not just my bias. Didnt improve much in the offseason, just added some sick O line members (needed so badly) and lost Flynn but scooped some good business in the backfield, just in case the MVP is down. You know the MVP, #12 is godlike.
  16. The Matt Forte holdout scares me... See Chris Johnson last year, and it could create a bunch of locker room issues. Cutler-to-Marshall will still create fireworks, but will they creatte enough to keep up with a healthy Detroit or Green Bay? Their secondary is pretty no-name their o-line still sucks hard, but these are pretty nitpicky. Chicago's way under the radar this year.
  17. Lets be serious about the packers, we got Starks in the backfield, Rodgers doing work, a HUGELY improved O-line, one of the best WR cores in football, and our D brings back the safetys we missed last season, along with a much improved D-line, And did i mention we have Woodson, Matthews, and Hawk?

    We fear no one.

    IMO #2 will be detroit, people can write them off as injury prone, and although some have proved to be they also had a very young line on both sides, and one of the youngest teams in the NFL. They are only getting better, and with the RB they are going to do some damage. I see Chicago as being a good team to watch, but the lions are better, while the packers are Vastly superior. Even if i hated the packers i would have a hard time counting them out as preseason favorites to win again. Jennings is back, we got some sick TE action, and DD is studly on the field like hes dancing with the stars (stupid show, hes still the dude....all proceeds to charities)


    Also it's not so much the holdout as how pissed he is he asked for long term and they said no, then paid others for long terms like he wasn't extremely deserving. He can come to our team soon, id be ok with that.
  18. I need to see Detroit sustain success before I pencil them in to do anything this year. I see them winning 8 or 9 games and missing the playoffs.
  19. I dont see any more than that from Da Bears. JMO. I cant wait to see Flynn shine in Seattle. Like cheering for a team that has almost no effect whatsoever on your teams success.
  20. Flynn will fall on his face IMO.

    And Chicago is loaded everywhere. If Cutler stays healthy I can't see them not getting a WC. And I hate Chicago, one of my good friends is a Bears fan and we always talk shit to each other about our teams
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