NFL Week 17 Scenerios

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    Clinched: Atlanta Falcons (South, home-field advantage); Green Bay Packers (North); San Francisco 49ers (playoff berth); Seattle Seahawks -- (playoff berth)

    GREEN BAY PACKERS (at Minnesota Vikings)

    Green Bay clinches a first-round bye:

    1) GB win

    2) GB tie + SF loss or tie

    3) SF loss + SEA loss or tie

    SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

    San Francisco clinches NFC West division:

    1) SF win or tie

    2) SEA loss or tie

    San Francisco clinches a first-round bye:

    1) SF win + GB loss or tie

    2) SF tie + GB loss

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (vs. St. Louis Rams)

    Seattle clinches NFC West division:

    1) SEA win + SF loss

    Seattle clinches a first-round bye:

    1) SEA win + SF loss + GB loss

    WASHINGTON REDSKINS (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

    Washington clinches NFC East division:

    1) WAS win or tie

    Washington clinches a playoff berth:

    1) CHI loss + MIN loss

    DALLAS COWBOYS (at Redskins)

    Dallas clinches NFC East division:

    1) DAL win

    NEW YORK GIANTS (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

    NY Giants clinch a playoff berth:

    1) NYG win + DAL loss or tie + CHI loss + MIN loss

    MINNESOTA VIKINGS (vs. Packers)

    Minnesota clinches a playoff berth:

    1) MIN win

    2) MIN tie + CHI loss or tie

    3) DAL loss or tie + NYG loss or tie + CHI loss

    CHICAGO BEARS (at Detroit Lions)

    Chicago clinches a playoff berth:

    1) CHI win + MIN loss or tie

    2) CHI tie + MIN loss

    Clinched: New England Patriots (East); Denver Broncos (West); Houston Texans (South); Baltimore Ravens (North); Indianapolis Colts (playoff berth); Cincinnati Bengals (playoff berth)

    HOUSTON TEXANS (at Colts)

    Houston clinches a first-round bye:

    1) HOU win or tie

    2) NE loss or tie

    3) DEN loss

    Houston clinches home-field advantage:

    1) HOU win

    2) HOU tie + DEN loss or tie

    3) NE loss or tie + DEN loss

    DENVER BRONCOS (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

    Denver clinches a first-round bye:

    1) DEN win or tie

    2) NE loss or tie

    Denver clinches home-field advantage:

    1) DEN win + HOU loss or tie

    2) DEN tie + HOU loss

    NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (vs. Miami Dolphins)

    New England clinches a first-round bye:

    1) NE win + DEN loss

    2) NE win + HOU loss

    New England clinches home-field advantage:

    1) NE win + DEN loss + HOU loss

    Lawd have mercy. A lot is going to happen those 12 hours on sunday.
  2. GB vs MN. It's going to be nasty.

    Wisconsin is going to send Minnesota packing, but i'm assuming it'll be the Vikings who lose the game for themselves. Ill add a choke Meme for them when it's all said and done. That being said i wouldnt mind not having the bye week, honestly.
  3. I really really would love it if green bay would win. Combine that with the lions pulling one off and RG3 getting another win.

    Then maybe... JUST MAYBE the Giants can get in.... but probably not.
  4. If thats what it takes, i hope we lose. Either way, my team is in :finger:
  5. Don't yall want that first round bye? Give it to me PACK
  6. If it means we let Vikings in and keep you out? Sure. They will choke, and I get to see Eli do commentary.
  7. CMon now. We all know Eli doesn't know how to speak

    EDIT or throw this year
  8. Gooooo Vikings.
  9. I loathe you atm
  10. Love you.
  11. <3 samsies. Go Pack Go! KUUUUHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. I'll be doing all that annoying stuff this weekend lol
  12. KUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHN. I love it. Well just know i dont appreciate it, and i hope they all do great but AP breaks his own collarbone like in college, and then the vikings win (no chance after)
  13. I hope that if they do win they beat the pack in playoffs and then everyone says Fire Mccarthy for not giving it his all.
  14. :pity: Mccarthy isn't going anywhere, we aren't the Jets.
  15. :true:
  16. Honestly id love to say go Giants since i enjoy our banters, but dude i HATE eli manning. Despise. So no, and im sorry to you and ONLY you as a giants fan. Everyone else? :lol1:
  17. I honestly deserve this. I've talked so much shit after the latest superbowl win. Especially after the giants smoked SF and GB this year. I was just poppin' off at the mouth and look at us now. :upset:
  18. So how are my beloved bears going (by beloved i mean the team that had a cool logo)
  19. :gtfo: not as good as my team.
  20. They need to win and have GB win to make the playoffs.
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