NHL 14

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. I didn't see a topic, but I also don't have the best eyes :jericho:

    Does anyone play this game for the 360, could use some people to play against seeing as the previous people I played with all moved onto X-Box One and are busy with those games :sad:

    If so hit me up my GT is: Sharpy420
  2. Dont have it yet, still play 12 tbh but will let you know if i rent it when i get my account back up after the 22nd.
  3. No shame in that, I was playing 11 up until 14 came out haha. I wish they would've worked on it for the new-gen systems instead of attempting to push out EA Live Basketball :emoji_slight_frown: which has been a complete failure. I'm sitting here with a PS4 playing X-Box 360 every so often just to get my hockey fix in lol it's bullshit.
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  4. Taking the thread off topic slightly. Anyone remember an ice hockey manager game on the PC similar to Footy Manager? If so do they still make this?
  5. I remember what you're talking about, I wanna say the last one they did was in like 2009.. but I may be way off to be completely honest, I'm just thinking I heard something like that in 2009 was available for PC.
  6. Cheers buddy. Sorry to take your thread off topic.
  7. No worries man haha atleast it was Hockey related :tyson:
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