Hockey NHL 2018/2019 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Aug 19, 2018.

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  2. Leafs have John Tavares.

    That is all.
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  3. John Tavares.
  4. Lets go Flyers!
  5. Of course, Boston is going to the Stanley Cup champs house for the first game. Looks like I'm sitting thru the ceremony, thinking about what could have been last season.
  6. I am still salty over our loss against you, but then again the way they played at first, and Kadri's nasty buttcheck, they deserved to be out the first round

  7. We had some amazing comebacks against you guys *cough* 2013 *cough* :kermit:

    But in all seriousness, as much as Kadri's buttcheck pissed me off, it was a great series that I believe we should have won because we let it get to game 7. Now you have John Tavares and the Bruins have some good rookies so it should be a great year for both teams. Just hopefully not too great for you guys.
  8. I think the issue with the Leafs last year is that while they have the skill, they generally don't have the experience in Playoff hockey aside from Patrick Marleau and maybe Andersen. Hopefully, we emulate the Pen's plan of a strong presence in the forward lines to lead a team and it doesn't end up like other teams who tried to copy it and fail.
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  9. Yeah, you think that players would just "get it" when it comes to being in the playoffs and that mentally/physical whole new type of game but it's a whole new beast compared to playing in the regular season. You guys will definitely have a good team that now knows what it's like to be in the playoffs and to be a threat.
  10. Us Leaf fans will always be salty about that loss. Fuck the Bruins.
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  11. Did ya'll see Gritty, the mascot for Philly? He is a precious creature.
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  12. Me being a Flyers fan, I thought he was just a new Muppet lol.

  13. I remember when this kid didn't know how to ride a bike and now he just goes and scores in his NHL debut
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  14. The Leafs win game one, although their defence will likely be their main sticking point through the season.
  15. Fuck Craig Anderson.
  16. Leafs in a nutshell:

    SCORE ALL THE GOALS!!! :canada:
  17. GO HABS GO !!