Hockey NHL fans?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Owen Hart, Sep 14, 2017.

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    ...Yes...I am a hockey fan...

    Habs fan eh?

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  2. Habs and Sens for me (Bettman sucks)
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  3. I got Sens fans to the left of me, Habs fans to the right and I'm stuck in the middle alone....

    Maple Leafs fan, you may pity me if you wish.
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  4. I decided a couple months ago that I am officially switching my favourite team to the Las Vegas Golden Knights. They need to get fans somehow, and for the past 5 or 6 years my past team had been going downhill, and lost the best goalie in Luongo, so I haven't really kept up with it too much the past few years.
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  5. I mean, their team did have some decent picks so for their first season they may do respectable playing wise, just we'll see how they draw since I know Pheonix...I mean Arizona struggled for a long time to keep fans and Las Vegas is also in the middle of a desert.
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  6. Leafs start the season with a 7-2 win...

  7. That McDavid hat-trick tho
  8. I don't exactly keep up with it like I do football, but it's certainly a more fun sport to watch than something like basketball, or baseball, or soccer.

    Kings are my team.
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  9. I'd think you'd be a Wings fan because you're from that state, right?
  10. Yeah I'm from Michigan but I'm not really a home state fan.

    When it comes to NFL I'm not a Lions fan, I'm a Raiders fan. So I decided to go with the Kings for NHL.
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  11. I Feel like I'm gonna get a lot of flack for being the one Canucks fan in this place but oh well...
  12. I used to be a Canucks fan too, then I took a Riot to the results of a Stanley Cup.
  13. Fuck the Leafs.
  14. A crappy second period for the Leafs, but they pull away with a win on Hockey Night in Canada.

    Also, the twitter of the Vegas Knights is amazing.

    This alone is making me a fan of them XD
  15. The Oilers and Conor Mcbaby can suck it
  16. *Sees all the Leafs fans*

    * Sadly waves Canadiens flag*
  17. What you need

    Some ReLeaf
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