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  1. Anyone going to be playing this?

    So far they have announced 5 legends
    Well...3 and two women players are added.

    What's your take on this.
    Personally I'm for it.
    It could potentially add some interest in females wanting to play the game. Which could help revenues.

    Also the hockey ultimate team is now using the FUT model...

    Ok FIFA guys... How is this going to improve HUT with no players retiring?
  2. I'm excited, to be honest. I'm glad players can't retire because now I don't have to worry about it.

    Too bad I suck really bad at NHL games. I have a really good HUT and I can't beat anyone except the computer on easy.
  3. I'm a big fan of the NHL despite living in United Kingdom, It's one of my favourite sports, and due to the Lack of network coverage/advertisement over here. I'm often talking about it to myself.

    In terms of the games, I've always been a big fan, their good high quality games.
  4. I'm kinda happy that I'm getting 4 copies free!!!

    Ea sports bar in Vegas gives away a free ea sports title with a T-Shirt purchase... No lie.. Ya get a code for ea origin to buy a game and it's shipped free!!

    One per person so me... My business partner. My son and my wife are ordering it and I'm selling em at the store.. I'll still buy mine on release day. Or have the store do it... Lol. That way I'm playing on release day
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