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  1. You like the soul crushing difficulty of Dark Souls? Do you also like feudal Japan and or Samurai shit--anime in general? well do I have the game for you...

    So the Beta came out like a week ago and I downloaded it and I had a good time. The best way to describe this game is that it's Dark Souls with a more complex combat system. Stamina and Stances play a big role, Stamina for the obvious reasons and stances dictate how much stamina you use so for example:

    High stance ( overhead)- takes away the most but is the strongest attack

    Mid stance( to the side)- Not a much as HS, but is good for blocking.

    Low(Under)- fastest attack.

    These all vary depending on which weapon you're using

    Gameplay wise it feels very solid and considering that I'm only talking the beta must be a good sign. There is also environmental destruction which is a huge plus because it makes things more epic. The only thing that bothered me were controls and that the attack buttons were the face buttons(X,O,square,triangle) instead of the trigger buttons.

    I recommend this game to you if you fuck with Darksouls/Bloodborne-esqe games. I believe it's PS4 exclusive tho' so srry to all the PC souls fans...

    If you're interested here is me being ass at this game:

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