News Nia Jax Roasts Emma on Twitter

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. Nia Jax took to her Twitter account to roast Emma for trying to take all the credit in their tag-team victory match on Monday’s episode of RAW that earned them the opportunity at the RAW Women’s Championship at the upcoming WWE No Mercy event.

    She sent out the following tweet, mocking Emma for her failed Emmaulation character:

    did you thank Vince for the 6 month vignette push you had but never capitalized on? How much MORE do you deserve

    — Nia Jax (@NiaJaxWWE) September 6, 2017

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  2. Nia Jax hit it in the head.

    Emma hasn't done sh*t since her debut.
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  3. Not really her fault though, booking for the women has been garbage.
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    Emma hasn't been booked to do sh*t since her debut...
    Its all well and good for Nia to take pot shots at Emma...
    but it might hold more weight if Nia herself had achieved
    anything since her own main roster debut.

    All Nia has done is tapped out to women half her size
    and frankly I'd rather watch Emma wrestle than Nia...
    seeing is Emma can actually move around the ring
    quickly and knows more than 3 moves.

    Having a shot at Emma for the "Emmalina Debacle"
    is basically having a shot at the creative team...and
    as Sasha Banks knows...its best to keep your mouth
    shut about those behind the scenes.

    I hate this whole "social media" bullshit anyway...
    I've never used any of it...and I never will.
  5. Serious question to everyone: Does booking include "winning a match," I mean, dictating the outcome?

    I mean, she only wrestled twice, but that's Booking's fault. However, she lost both times...
  6. ......You will use it and you have used it.


    This forum is technically apart of social media, lol.
  7. Okay...I wasn't aware this forum counted as
    "Social Media" as I only thought it meant:

    So forth...

    I stand corrected...therefore...

    This forum is the only form of "Social Media" I use and will EVER use.
  8. No... No.... No.... NO! NO! NO!


    This forum is a social network.
    The true definition for social media can be found here: Urban Dictionary: Social Media
    Don't insult us like that.
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  9. AH HA! So I was right in the first place...
    I stand uncorrected after being falsely corrected!
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  10. To me, "social media" is the "me, myself, and I" social network system.
    We talk about wrassling here. And cats. And banning Reag. And cats.
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  11. I wouldn't know...I don't use it...I just wait for Emma to post photos of herself on it...

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  12. Google is never wrong. How dare you!
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  13. fite me :tough:
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