Backlash Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. The Evil Bully Alexa Bliss...

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  2. The Helpless Victim Nia Jax...

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  1. Ugh...

    Well...I may as well start this thread...


    Unlike the SDL women's division...I really
    couldn't care less about the ladies on RAW.

    The only interesting element of the entire
    division is when Ronda Rousey is finally
    going to have her first singles match and
    who will be the unlucky woman that faces

    Everything else is either boring, irritating,
    miscast or we've already seen it done
    better in NXT.

    Frankly I found the Bliss/Jax Wrestlemania
    match awful to sit through & I'm still in shock
    that it went for 10 minutes.

    I only watched it because I was hoping for
    a Carmella cash in...which of course...didn't

    The fact it took Nia that long to finish Bliss
    off was just embarrassing and hopefully at
    Backlash this mistake will be corrected.

    Frankly I'm sick of Alexa Bliss & while I'm
    glad she no longer has the title...I find Nia
    Jax about as interesting as a bowl of cold

    Frankly this match needs to be a 2 minute
    squash to let Nia actually be seen as a
    dominant force (for once) & to get Alexa
    far away from the RAW women's title.

    This feud needs to end...NOW.

    Keep Mickie James & Ember Moon away
    from the match & let Nia actually squash
    the woman who is less then half her size.

    Plus the less time we have to watch Alexa's
    terrible selling the better for everyone.

    Well...what do you think?

    Will Nia Jax retain & continue her boring
    reign as Champion?

    Will Alexa Bliss & her new & improved
    breasts regain the title & once again drag
    women's wrestling back into the Divas Era?

    Will you even care?

    Be sure to vote & leave your thoughts, opinions
    & comments below & as always...I'll see you all
    around the traps.

    Yeah...I'm sorry...I really don't care about this
    match and knowing how much the WWE have
    pushed Alexa she is most likely going to get the
    title back.

  2. Can there be a third option for I don't care because that is how I feel.

    As for this feud and even match once again I really don't care because both women are meh at best.
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  3. I didn't care for the story angle. I know I have said this before. They made Nia's weight be a factor which doesn't make sense to me. I get that they were going for a bully angle and to market on the whole fat shaming thing but Nia is built bigger, she is taller, and she should be a dominating powerhouse not a push over being bullied by a 5' cry baby. Story wise I have no interest. I get why it could be interesting to some female fans and kids but overall, I just don't care.

    As for the match, neither of them work well together in the ring and it is stupid to keep this going.
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  4. Nia will and should win, and I hope she squashes Alexa, but it will probably be a competitive match.

    As for who challenges Nia afterwards? Ruby Riott might, since she is a heel and it looks like they are going to push the Riott Squad. Might also be heel Sasha if she wins her feud with Bayley. Might even be a face vs. face match with Ember Moon.

    Personally I am hoping for the crazy heel Mickie James (like the one we got on Monday night) vs Nia
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  5. Actually, I would also like to add does anyone else find it funny that Mickie James is on Alexa's side when she herself was part of a fat angle against LayCool. Does anyone else remember Piggie James?
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  6. I agree. With as long as Mania dragged on this year, the Bliss/Jax match shouldn’t have gone any longer than Cena/Taker. The whole point was for Nia to assert her physical dominance over the fat-shaming hottie and get some measure of revenge. Bliss actually won the whole feud back in the locker room when they each looked in the mirror after their post-match showers. Alexa will always win that fight... with just about anyone, esp Samoa Josephine aka Nia... so yeah, Bliss shouldve had her ass handed to her much more swiftly in the actual match.
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  7. Unfortunately, that needed to happen at Mania. Going the squash route in the rematch makes even less sense, as everyone just recently saw that Nia couldn’t squash her on the biggest stage. Bliss will get the title back soon, as they need a heel champ to transition to Ember Moon.
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  8. You think they will put the belt on Ember? Really?

    I was thinking Ruby Riott as a heel Champion
    would fix the problem without Alexa ever getting
    her annoying little hands on it again.