Nick Diaz and His Legal Team Are Strongly Considering a Challenge to NSAC's Ruling

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 24, 2012.

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    As I speculated following this BS ruling, Nick and his attorney are pondering on if they should take those scumbags in the NSAC to court.

    I mean, shit, what else does he have to do for the next 9 months? Smoking weed and running triathlons can only take up so much time in the day.

    Cesar Gracie called Pat Lundvall of the NSAC a Nazi

    I <3 Cesar

    Nick was there. He would not lie. He wouldn’t give you no song and dance like everybody else does and say their cute little lies that the commission is waiting for. He wouldn’t do that. He’s got the principles. He told the truth completely every time. That threatens the commission like that because nobody on there seemed to have any integrity.

    Then men were completely emasculated. It was so pathetic. They get on there and they defer to that one lady that’s like a Nazi out there. Yeah okay we defer to you – ‘what should we do lady?’ – and she tells them. GELDING HORSES is how I describe the male commissioners over there. ‘oh you suggest that? Okay, I’m in favor.’ None of them can think for themselves. Just a really pathetic, pathetic commission, in general.

    get emmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Read the whole thing. I hope they do take them to court because that's fucking ridiculous.
  4. It seems more likely to happen than not at this point IMO. Even if they lose and the suspension is upheld exposing the commission as the incompetent douchebags that they are is a win for every fighter out there.
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