Nicknames that didn't make sense to me

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. It's possible I've missed something, but logically speaking it's always a stretch
    Some superstars have nicknames that fly right over me

    Case in point: Batista 'the Animal'. Really? Is it because of the rope thing?
    Was it because HHH treated him like an animal? It escapes me a bit

    Case in point: Seth Rollins 'the Architect of The Shield'. Peacemaker seems corny, but architect?
    Architect would imply that he constructed the bluebrint

    Case in point: Razor Ramon, "the Bad Guy'. Is this a Scarface reference? Help me out.
    I get he shuns the hero role, but I'd still say 'the Bad Guy' is a stretch

    Maybe I'm missing something some of you caught. I'm not calling them bad, just a stretch
    Can any of you recall bad nicknames that made no sense from your POV?

    Edit: Not the best thread, but I was curious wanted to be active ... come @ me
  2. His original gimmick was as a savage beast. It's a carry over.

    Rollins is considered the brains of the operation when it came to the Shield, the man who put the group together. Thus the Architect.

    Obvious Scarface reference is obvious. He was called the bad guy because that was what he was. A bad guy, rude, aggressive, manipulative and mean.
  3. I'm not even sure how these references aren't obvious. The architect of the shield - the one who put things together, but the bad guy? How much more obvious could it get. Simple answer to an easy question buddy.
  4. I respect your take, I just never saw Batista as any more savage or animal-like then the next guy

    I never heard Rollins put the group together, nor that he was the brains. I always assumed WWE put Ambrose in that role

    I'm not saying you are wrong @Stopspot , I just never heard Rollins imply that he put them together

    Batista always seemed very cool and tame to me, not a guy that would rip your head off cause he was primal.

    Edit: @Aids Johnson . It isn't obvious, which why I asked for evidence, not a smart a** cliche remark
  5. The Canadian Crazyhorse.
  6. The Batista animal gimmick was in OVW, it's a carry over from that.

    If you have been listening to commentary for the past six months you'd hear multiple times how they mention that Rollins put the Shield together. Ambrose was the talker, the mouth piece, but not the leader or the brains. There was no leader, but there was a brain.
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  7. Thank you. THAT is what I was asking for.
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