Nigel McGuinness - The greatness that never was

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    Beloved indy darling, one of the greatest of his generation, one of the best champions in ROH history. There are a lot of ways one could describe Nigel McGuinnes. But one of the ways he for a while described himself was failure.

    In his documentary the Last of McGuinness (One of the best wrestling documentaries out there, watch it seriously) he talks about a biceps injury hindering his way into the WWE, being signed to TNA, getting Hepatitis B and being mistreated by the company which led to his release. Making McGuinness decide to retire from the business. This took a beating to McGuinness self confidence, that he could not make while friends of his like Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries went on to success in WWE and TNA respectively. McGuinness claimed that he could have been just as big as both of them but at the same time was happy for their success. As we have seen since filming it Nigel has not completely retired from wrestling. Currently serving as ROH's authority figure as well as working backstage with health and medical issues. He is also now in a much better place mentally as he himself said.

    But here is the main subject. If Nigel had made it to the E or continued with TNA. Would he have become a main stay? Would he have become a main eventer or in the least a mid card main stay? Lord knows that Nigel could deliver in the ring and cut a damn good promo when needed. While no CM Punk on the stick he isn't a Davey Richards either. Would Nigel have succeeded in mainstream wrestling?

    Talk about his career and discuss.
  2. I loved the guy, his stint as Desmond Wolfe started out very promising. I do think TNA had big plans for him before the injury and unfortunatly screwed him afterward. As for WWE, I don't think he'd fit their mold for the main event, but definitely could have been a great IC or US champ. Fantastic talent who didn't fulfill his potential due to circumstances beyond his control. It's a very sad story.
  3. Should have been a star, imagine Aries with more size and you have Nigel. I'm a fanboy sure but he had talent which just translates onto the big screen.
  4. Glad to see I am not the only fan of McGuinness (even though I knew you guys would respond). And I agree with all your points. He would have been great on national TV.
  5. Well, it's no secret I'm a biased, huge mark of Nigel and his Desmond Wolfe TNA persona. Always charismatic and entertaining.

    His matches vs. Danielson, Aries and Angle are legendary. Too bad injury fucked up his TNA career just when his push was to be re-newed.
  6. It was sickness actually. He got Hep B.
  7. Yeah. Rumor has it that Nigel beat the sickness and might be ready to return some day to in ring.

    It's a rumer, just saying.
  8. In his documentary he reveals that he is clean but that he got tired with wrestling after how TNA handled it (he felt betrayed in a sense). So he held a retirement tour and instead became a commentator and now GM for ROH whilst also working with their health and wellness policies.
  9. Ah, didn't watch it yet.

    I know about retirement tour, his last match and ROH GM role....
  10. Holy shit he's clean? Steen Vs Nigel won't go away in my mind now.
  11. Hep B takes around 6 months to clear out of your system if you're on anti biotics. If his biceps which kept him from WWE is fixed though is another story.
  12. Wasn't it concussions that kept him out of the E?
  13. Would mark so hard to see him come back, no matter where.
  14. Nope, torn biceps that wasn't completely fixed. Had he had the money to get the surgery he would probably be in the WWE now. He went to TNA because WWE couldn't accept him.
  15. It is the wrestling business. Never say never to someone returning to the ring re: Terry Funk, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair
  16. Yeah Nigel could return. He wrestled with a torn biceps for nearly a year before the WWE deal fell through. I could honestly see Nigel booking himself vs Steen or someone from SCUM down the line if it is needed. It would draw for ROH as well, Nigel McGuinness back for one night only.
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  17. That gave goosebumbs just from reading!
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