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    United States: LIVE, Sunday Night, September 21st, at 8/7c on the WWE Network
    United Kingdom: Monday Morning, September 22nd, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Nashville, Tennessee
    Bridgestone Arena

    Match Card:
    Singles Match:

    Mark Henry vs. Rusev
    The irresistible-force paradox will be put to the test at Night of Champions when Mark Henry and Rusev tie up in a collision of super-heavyweight Superstars. Which will stand tall: the proud Texas Longhorn or the ever-confident Russian bear?

    Watch Night of Champions on Sept. 21 | Henry confronts Rusev on Raw

    The 413-pound World’s Strongest Man and 307-pound Super-Athlete have been at odds since Henry boldly objected to Rusev and Lana’s anti-American rants on the Aug. 18 edition of Raw. In voicing his dissent, Henry, who twice represented the United States weightlifting team at the Olympics, made clear that while he does not disapprove of competitors expressing national pride, he thought Rusev and his Social Ambassador’s badmouthing of the United States had gone too far.

    When Rusev tried to ambush him, Henry not only took The Hero of the Russian Federation off his feet, but he also outright outmuscled Rusev, even landing The World’s Strongest Slam. Since then, Rusev has gained an upper hand, ambushing Henry mid-match on the Sept. 1 edition of Raw. The World's Strongest Man responded by noting his plans to open an international wing of the Hall of Pain.

    Several Superstars, from former Intercontinental Champion Big E to former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, have tried dealing Rusev his first pinfall or submission loss, to no avail. At SummerSlam, Swagger, a former All-American grappler at the University of Oklahoma, managed to pick an ankle and reverse the Accolade, but even he was ultimately “crushed” by Rusev.

    Will Mark Henry induct Rusev be the first to hand The Super-Athlete a decisive defeat? Or will Rusev continue his mighty streak of pay-per-view victories and add another former World Heavyweight Champion to his list of downed opponents?

    Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. The Miz
    The thrilling Intercontinental Championship rivalry between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz will continue at Night of Champions when The Showoff puts the title on the line against the Superstar with the “moneymaker,” The Awesome One.

    Don't miss Night of Champions on Sept. 21

    These two, hungry athletes have carved out a brilliant series of matches in recent months, including their SummerSlam showdown in which Ziggler recaptured the championship gold. The Miz won a subsequent rematch on Raw by count-out, though in doing so, he ate a mean, last-ditch-effort superkick by The Showoff on the apron — a risky maneuver that simultaneously knocked Miz into the ring and propelled Ziggler to the floor.

    Though the WWE Universe has witnessed Damien “Miz”-Dow, as The Miz’s stunt double, sub in for The Miz in appearances, it’s unlikely the former WWE Champion will want anyone but himself in the ring against Ziggler at Night of Champions, when the Intercontinental Title, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, is at stake. With “Miz”-Dow acting as a distraction, The Miz was even able to pin Ziggler during a tag team match on the Sept. 1 edition of Raw.

    Can The Miz lock in the Figure-Four Leglock and claim his fourth Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions? Or will The Showoff repeat his SummerSlam success, retain the title and continue his trajectory up the WWE ladder?

    Diva's Championship Match:
    Nikki Bella vs. Paige(c) vs. AJ Lee
    By order of Stephanie McMahon, one of WWE’s principal owners, Divas Champion Paige will put her title on the line at Night of Champion against both Nikki Bella and AJ Lee.

    SummerSlam: Nikki turns on Brie | Paige def. AJ for Divas Title

    The announcement came at a time of incredible turmoil within the Divas division. Not only have things remained incredibly explosive between “frenemies” Paige and former champion AJ, but now the sibling troubles between Brie and Nikki Bella — which many agree have been stirred up by Stephanie herself — have taken center stage. Case in point, when Nikki was named No. 1 contender to the butterfly-emblazoned title on the Sept. 1 Raw, her sister threw her into the reigning champion.

    But regardless of the firestorm surrounding the circumstances by which the bout was made, few can deny that it will be nothing short of an awesome Divas showdown. The Diva of Tomorrow and her unhinged predecessor are not only highly skilled and downright vicious when it comes to getting what they want, but they also have both shown a strong knack for employing serious mind games on one another.

    And as far as Nikki Bella is concerned, the words “Total Diva” are not simply indicative of the show she stars in. A former Divas Champion herself, Nikki is the complete package of danger, ability and calculation. She’s a competitor who could easily best her opponents in a contest where the titleholder does not have to be pinned or submit to lose her championship.

    But considering the volatile atmosphere, will the turbulent troubles between the elite Divas allow any of them to keep their focus on walking out of Night of Champions with the Divas Title? Also, will Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella play a part in the overall outcome?

    Tag Team Championship Match:
    The Usos(c) vs. Goldust & Stardust
    The bizarre team of Gold and Stardust will try to make the stars align when they challenge WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy & Jey Uso at Night of Champions. Gold & Stardust defeated the high-flying champions in a non-title match, as well as won a follow-up title bout by count-out, in recent weeks.

    How to watch Night of Champions | WWE Countdown: Greatest Tag Teams

    Since their latest title opportunity, however, the brothers in gold and black have displayed a new level of aggression — an attitude change that’s brought along with it tough times for the defending titleholders. After accusing Jey Uso of faking an injury to prompt the count-out decision and protect the WWE Tag Team Titles, Gold & Stardust unleashed consecutive, targeted attacks over a fortnight. The menacing campaign hobbled Jey’s left knee, leaving it unclear what condition he will be in come Night of Champions on Sept. 21.

    Watch Gold and Stardust go mad for The Usos on SmackDown

    Will Gold & Stardust’s newfound hostility, combined with Jey’s knee injury, result in the crowning of new WWE Tag Team Champions and, in turn, end Gold & Stardust’s quest for the “cosmic key”? Or will The Usos, amid one of the most dominant WWE Tag Team Championship reigns in modern history, keep hold of the tandem titles?

    United States Championship Match:
    Sheamus(c) vs. Cesaro

    Having defeated Rob Van Dam in a No. 1 Contender’s Match, Cesaro earned the right to challenge United States Champion Sheamus at Night of Champions.

    View photos: United States Champions with foreign backgrounds

    Even before overcoming RVD on the Aug. 25 edition of Raw, The Swiss Superman, a former United States Champion in his own right, clearly had his sights set on WWE’s stars-and-stripes title. A week prior to beating Van Dam, Cesaro sat in on commentary during Sheamus’ match against Curtis Axel on WWE Main Event, and after the Celtic Warrior’s win, Cesaro grabbed the title and inspected it before arrogantly tossing the prize to the champion. He continued his disrespectful antics after claiming the No. 1 Contender spot on Raw, too, throwing the U.S. Championship in the face of Sheamus.

    Every time the WWE Universe has seen Cesaro and Sheamus compete against each other, the action has been fierce and physical. On commentary, Cesaro went so far as to compare the hard-hitting U.S. Champion to a wild Tasmanian devil. Will Cesaro, arguably pound-for-pound the strongest Superstar in all of WWE, find a weakness in the Irishman’s bruising offense and capitalize to golden results? Or can Sheamus, who’s held onto the title since winning it in a Battle Royal in May, beat back yet another contender to the throne?

    Singles Match:
    Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
    By Curb Stomping Dean Ambrose into seeming oblivion and ambushing Roman Reigns inside a steel cage, Seth Rollins has sought to torch every trace of The Shield — a unit whose unbridled success he claims sole responsibility for. In doing so, however, Rollins has also set the stage for a Night of Champions showdown against the red-hot Reigns.

    Watch Night of Champions | Relive the heinous Curb Stomp on Ambrose

    After decimating The Shield as a team, Mr. Money in the Bank devoted much of his energy to fighting off the crazed Ambrose, campaign that took a grisly and perhaps final turn on the Aug. 18 edition of Raw, when Rollins brutally Curb Stomped the unstable Superstar’s head through cinderblocks.

    Demolishing The Shield and taking out Ambrose, however, carries heavy ramifications — namely, the ire of one of WWE’s most dominant competitors and Rollins’ former WWE Tag Team Championship partner, Reigns. Coming off a milestone singles victory over Randy Orton at SummerSlam, the juggernaut with the Superman Punch has refocused his sights on The Architect. That included nearly taking off Rollins' head with the retaliatory toss of a cinderblock.

    The Authority’s trio of Rollins, Orton and Kane got back at Reigns weeks later, though, with what appeared to be a pre-meditated 3-on-1 attack inside a steel cage.

    The always-composed Roman Reigns is known for “assessing and attacking,” but can even his methodical, pulverizing approach succeed against Seth Rollins, a noted ring strategist who observed Reigns’ dominance up-close when they were running mates in The Shield? Alternatively, can Rollins endure the full force of The Punisher’s onslaught, which will no doubt be amplified given Rollins’ remorseless actions against one of Reigns’ few trusted allies, Ambrose?

    Singles Match:
    Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
    In a match that will have great importance in determining the pecking order of WWE going forward,Chris Jericho will square off against Randy Orton at Night of Champions.

    Even though the bout is for bragging rights and not a championship, Jericho and Orton remain two of WWE’s most decorated Superstars on the current WWE roster, boasting a combined 18 World Title reigns between them.

    Don't miss Night of Champions | Watch Orton attack Jericho backstage

    The Viper appears to have targeted Y2J after a criticism from Jericho cut too deeply. On a recent edition of “The Highlight Reel,” The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla stated that Orton’s opportunities at success and glory in WWE were all handed to him on a silver platter. In response, an enraged Orton attacked his familiar rival in the WWE trainer’s room on the Sept. 8 edition of Raw, mere moments after Jericho endured a knee injury in a Steel Cage Match against Bray Wyatt.

    Now, the two ring veterans — one a merciless, Authority-backed Apex Predator, the other a crafty warrior who just may be “the best at everything he does” — are set to meet at Night of Champions.

    Will Jericho teach Orton a lesson in respect to Orton, or will The Viper show the outspoken Y2J that he doesn’t need any assistance turning back the challenge of top-flight competitors?

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Brock Lesnar(c) vs. John Cena
    Just days after losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a brutal beatdown at the hands of Brock Lesnar, John Cena invoked his automatic rematch clause and will get his chance at a 16th World Title at Night of Champions.

    The decision, announced by WWE COO Triple H exclusively on WWE Network during WWE Main Event, shocked the WWE Universe, still reeling after witnessing the pummeling Cena took from The Beast Incarnate at SummerSlam. The sadistic grin that spread across Lesnar’s usually stoic face — growing wider with every punch that connected with Cena’s head and body — is burned into the minds of fans around the world. The thought of Cena demanding another showdown with the vicious, seemingly unstoppable Lesnar may leave those who watched SummerSlam feeling more than a little uneasy.

    Watch Lesnar's victory at SummerSlam on WWE Network

    Lesnar, no doubt, is happy to step in the squared circle with the Cenation leader once again. At SummerSlam, he toyed with Cena, showing the world what it takes to put the unbelievably resilient Superstar down. The One in 21-1 rained down a barrage of fists on the Cenation leader, pulverizing his insides. Lesnar tossed Cena around the ring with ease, dropping him on his head and neck with 16 German suplexes. Two F-5s — one at the start of the match and one at the end — brought Cena’s reign as champion to an end with a sickening exclamation point.

    No one can question Cena’s heart. After all, he did last 20 minutes against the most devastating force to ever step foot in the ring. But heart only got Cena so far at SummerSlam. How far can it get him when he steps foot in the ring with The Beast Incarnate again at Night of Champions?

    Can Cena reverse his fortunes? Or will Brock Lesnar give the WWE Universe a repeat performance of his championship victory?​
  2. Tsar won't be happy you stole his thread
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  3. Pretty good card.
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  4. Card looks pretty solid, I'm going to assume Orton is going to be pure viper status and rock Chris Jericho's world then Kane comes out and they just completely work Y2J in order to write him off of TV for however long (if not permanently)..

    I'm pretty interested to see the match between Rusev and Mark Henry, if Rusev ends up winning that'll definitely help boost his beastmode status even further; after this I can totally see a feud/short program with John Cena starting up pending a Rusev victory.
  5. I was waiting till the 5th day before the event like so many, unhappy, people told me to do, but whenever I do so, someone's already made it so I give up on listening to people.
  6. It ain't a competition
  7. Ok?

    Did I say it was? I'm saying that people were just being bitches about me making it rather than it being made early.
  8. Timeline History of 1995: Kevin Nash

    will be the giveaway prize.
  9. Card doesn't look bad, to be honest.
  10. Yeah Leo, this is the quintessential "We'll leave this show pleasantly surprised" card. There's clearly gonna be good wrestling but the buzz around the company is so awful that it's easy to forget.

    Looking forward to the tag title match, that's about all.
  11. Card looks real solid
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  12. It would be awesome if Bray interferes after Ziggler's match which insights a long feud for the IC title and ultimately Bray wins.
  13. Bray winning the IC? :eww:
  14. this card looks pretty good...
  15. I bet there will be 1 title change, the Divas title going into Nikki Bella's hands to have twin vs twin be a match-up and see who the real diva sister is..
    I really just don't see any of the others changing.. MAYBE Cesaro but that's about it.
  16. Cesaro deserves better than to be a 2x US Champion.
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  17. Oh I know but Sheamus is above the US title as well and while Cesaro is not buried he hasn't been pushed nearly as hard since he won the Andre the Giant BR.. so I think they'll give him another small run with it before Sami Zayn comes in and they have another epic matchup like they did at NXT Takeover except this time Zayn wins and gets the title.
  18. WWE can't carry over
    developmental rivalries, or they can but they can't do them as good or even better than the original rivalry. Don't get me wrong, Dean v Rollins was a sick rivalry, but in FCW it was 1000x better, IMHO. Cesaro and Sami would be great but it won't be as awesome as it was in NXT, at least that's what I think.
  19. whoever photoshopped the diva's shit fucked up bad. Paige has a bork neck, AJ has her cheek lines fucked up and nikki looks like she could be a cgi in a game where people give a fuck what she does.

    Rusev is also much close to the camera than henry and I don't get why, since Rusev will win. Why have Rusev look the same size as henry?(He isnt close) when he will win again, NoC is a shit ppv and no way that is the end of his run unless they go Ryback on him. Actually Ryback could get over vs Rusev honestly, I'd even admit I'd mark for "the big guy" to do it. @Senhor Perfect I think you're a fan, what say you? Could we get him back off Henning Failure's team?

    Other than that, Bork retains, Cena flirts heel and we all mark, Reigns kicks ass all the way to the RR, and we all pray for Wyatt. I wonder how many people really throw up their cell like its 2006. Either way count me in, i'll own @seabs sig and @Tsar 's entire profile, and @Stopspot i'm coming for you buddy. I'm looking forward to the return of the swedish chef. You vs me, bet sunday night?
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