Night of Champions "Night of Champions" Predictions Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Just Kevin, Aug 25, 2014.

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    So, we all know that Cena/Lesner is happening again , but what about the rest of the championships?
    On this "Night of Champions", a PPV originally marketed as the one PPV where it is guaranteed that every championship will be defended and it has lived up to that so far... so what do we have this year?

    WWE WHC already confirmed, rematch of Cena/Lesner.

    IC title, with Ziggler's latest injury not being too serious they will most likely keep him out of the ring until NoC.. but he should be defending, once again, against The Miz.

    Divas title, Paige vs AJ Lee should be happening again.. I'm thinking AJ wins this time to keep the feud going.. this might be like The Rock and Mankind back in the day and just switch back and forth 4 or 5 times before finally coming to an end.

    Tag Team titles, The Usos are now at #5 on the longest reigning tag teams of all time... will they continue their reign.. who will they defend against? We've seen very little of the Usos on TV as of late.. but we have seen tag team action and as of now The Dust Brothers are the #1 contenders after beating The Wyatts.. Will it be Goldust and Stardust vs The Usos at NoC?

    United States Championship, Sheamus has been another one that's rarely been seen on TV lately and if he was on TV it was in a tag match... so who is the #1 contender for he US title? Many rumors are pointing at a Cesaro/Sheamus showdown for the title at NoC... many more are saying that after Bray beats Jericho he will go after Sheamus starting the Monday after... we shall see.

    So, what are your thoughts on the title defenses at NoC?
    Who will defend against who and what the outcomes will be?

  2. Every title WWE has should always have a feud centered around it and be defended at every PPV. NOC is a shitty PPV theme and they should pull the plug on it.
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  3. All titles should be on the card yeah.

    And I reckon this is the last night the Uso's hold that reign.
  4. All titles should be on the line as the PPV's name is centered on that aspect. To Dolph's point, I do agree that it is a silly name for a PPV event because one would think that all titles are on the line at every PPV. However, idk if I like the idea of all the titles being on the line at every PPV. Sometimes there are feuds that don't need titles involved and they're bigger than title matches. Thus, having every title on the line at every PPV could be bad. It would take up too much time all the time.
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  5. Of course every championship should be on the line. That's the theme of the PPV.

    Brock/Cena is already signed.
    Paige/AJ is obviously happening again.
    Ziggler/Miz will probably happen again as well.
    It seems like Goldust and Stardust are being primed as the #1 contenders for The Usos' Tag Team Titles. I'm guessing a title change is on the horizon here.
    Sheamus doesn't have an opponent, so I suppose they could throw Cesaro in there with him. Every one of their matches in the past have been excellent, so I wouldn't mind seeing them wrestle again.

    Elsewhere, expect Rusev/Henry, Orton/Reigns, and Jericho/Bray to end up booked.
  6. Yes to both. They should (and yes, save rare exceptions every championship should be defended on every PPV actually, but since they don't matter let's forget that), and most likely they will. I'm guessing AJ/Paige, Dolph/Miz, Cena/Brock will already take place, the Rhodes pinned the Usos so I guess they'll get a shot and for Sheamus, uh... some random heel jobber. Cesaro might be OK as Lock mentioned, perhaps Wyatt as we were discussing on some other thread, idk.
  7. Yes, every single title should be defended. Here's how I'd book NoC:

    1. Brock vs Cena - already confirmed for the WWE-WHC

    2. Paige vs AJ vs Natalya vs Eva Marie - WWE Divas Title. The reason Natalya and Eva Marie should be included in this match is because they've pinned AJ (Eva did, once by pinfall and then by a count out, I think...) and Paige (Natalya once by pinfall, 2nd time by submission and I believe the 3rd time was via a count out, I could be wrong, though)

    3. Ziggler vs Miz vs Slater - IC title

    4. Sheamus vs Cesaro - US title - Hopefully the title changes hands

    5. The Usos vs Goldust & Stardust vs The Wyatts(?) vs Big Show/Henry(?) - Tag Team titles - it's about time Usos lost the titles

    6. Orton vs Reigns

    7. Y2J vs Bray

    8. Henry vs Rusev ? / Bo vs Swagger
  8. If they don't honor the name, get rid of the PPV.
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  9. Every title should be defended, what with it being the 'night of champions' and all.
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  10. I wonder if they'd look into the NXT Championships being defended as well.
    On a positive note, all the champions in WWE right now are relatively popular, which is sufficient given the Network renewal
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  11. I think the big, bold, white lettered question in the OP was lost due to the terrible thread title.... going to edit the title to simply read "Night of Champions" Predictions and see if this thread does better.
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  12. Lesnar win
    Ziggler win
    Sheamus win
    Paige win
    Usos win

    Also, I'm gonna make the LD when a few more matches get announced, Kevin.
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  13. Since 2007, when the inaugural 'Night of Champions' PPV was held, a championship has changed hands in 15 out of the 49 championship matches. (30.6%)

    2007: The Women's Championship changed hands (1 out of 9 title matches)
    2008: The U.S and IC Championships changed hands (2 out of 8 matches)
    2009: The ECW, Divas and WHC Championships changed hands (3 out of 8 matches)
    2010: The U.S., Divas, WWE and Tag Team Championships changed hands (4 out of 6 matches)
    2011: The WHC and WWE championships changed hands (2 out of 6 matches)
    2012: The Tag Team and Divas Championship changed hands (2 out of 6 matches)
    2013: The WWE Championship changed hands (1 out of 6 matches)

    Note the Divas Championship match in 2010 was actually a unification match, so a title was to change hands almost regardless.
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  15. I reckon they should put the NXT title on as it'd help ppl when they transferred to the main roster imo.
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  16. It can't hurt, though many would disagree with my assessment.
  17. Lesnar to win every title.
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  18. Why not? If I were Brock, I'd nail Linda in Vince's bed while he's home.
    He'd walk in, see them, walk right out and do nothing.
  19. Why would anyone want to bang that old Republican hag?
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    It isn't a matter of wanting to, but rather an obvious show of arrogance. Brock Lesnar could do anything he wants and Vince is going to do sh** about it.
    If it works for you, Heyman could always drive across town and drop Brock off at Steph and HHH's house.
    He could plow her just so HHH could crack the door open a bit. Brock will hear it, throw a pillow toward H and tell him to GTFO.

    Brock could pat HHH on the shoulder on the way out, shake his head and wipe the sweat off his brow. HHH wouldn't do sh** but steam over it.
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