nightclubs and dancing

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  1. What they all about lads

    I was in one on satuday, after some mertoseual took us into one. The music was a shower of shite. The wenches were pretty tasty, but it was all about confidence with them, so i didnt pull.

    i hate friverlous dancing. whats the game there. a lad should never dance.
  2. lol I kno how that is I cant Dance period but i try
  3. some lilly livered **** with a fancy haircut was laughing at my dancing

    who gives a shit aboyt dancing.
  4. Clubbing is for losers.
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  5. exactly lad

    it is all about the local boozer, and nin gigs
  6. I thought he was limited @Stopspot - who accepted this thread? :why:
  7. No idea. I've been cleaning my apartment all afternoon.
  8. Nevermind, he isn't limited anymore. :why: also
  9. I bet the music was shit too.
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  10. I've often heard the lasses get a feel for how you are in bed by the way you dance. Whether thats true or not I have no idea but it's something to consider.
  11. Did you let him take you home, at the end of the day.
  12. camp shite

    no nin or manson
  13. Lol Dance Clubs are all about Dance Music, House Music, EDM nowadays.. fuck all that jazz.. I can't even dance unless it's like a slow dance otherwise I just look like a fucking retard.
  14. My clubbing days are well and truly over.
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  15. Clubbing is fun when you are fucked up, yeyeye
  16. I'm all up in that club
  17. You telling me some of that choreographed stuff in music videos and junk wouldn't look stupid as HELL if someone was doing it by themselves? It may not always be the case, but I can imagine. To me, dancing is more about keeping with the beat than what you are doing. Real dancing is letting go and cutting loose and acting like a retard (uh hello "Let's Get Retarded" by the BEPs), but you have to at least stick to the beat.

    The only "clubs" I've ever been to were in Germany and they were pretty crazy. Where I live now the closest thing to a club is when a local gym that has an upstairs with a bar opens up on the weekends and plays music. And it's usually trashy as shit.

    Maine - the way life should be lol
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  18. How to dance:
    1. Spot your penis' meal for the night
    2. get to her
    3. start grinding on it
    4. tell her this place is lame
    5. take her somewhere else
    6. fuck her right in the pussy.
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  19. No they definitely look retarded when they're choreographed however there are specific dance moves that people use when doing it by themselves.. like the Dice Roll for example :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  20. There you go @Tgmiveld
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