Nikki Bella and the 5 longest reigning Divas Champions

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. Nikki is a boss.. Isn't Maryse the longest reigning Divas Champion? I could be wrong, but whoever it is, Nikki will break that record.
  2. It's AJ Lee. Nikki is about 70 days behind.
  3. Love me some Titty Bella :smirk2:
  4. I'm not really sure who that is, name sounds familiar, but i'm sure Nikki will hold it for another 70 days. WWE has been doing a great job with The Bellas lately.
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  5. Bring Taryn to the WWE and i'll give a fuck about all this. The Bella's are just the shitty diva's shoved down our throats currently, wasn't Brie supposed to screw over Nikki at RR, WM, and now here we are at SS and her bitch maid stuff is long forgotten. WWE sucks at the diva's garbage, and it really isn't entertaining when they do try. Give me Charlotte, Taryn, Bailey? and Paige and I'd be interested in some hot broads who can scramble. I'm so tired in everything bottom to top, and anyone who is going to respond some AJ Lee bullshit about how she made the division - it blew ass then, too.

    TNA is far inferior to WWE as a total product, but they sure have a KO product worth watching most of the time, and I'd still love anyone to show me a better feud or even match WWE has put on compared to Taryn and Gail last year.
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