News Nikki Bella dealing with Back Injury

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. Glad it's not serious. WWE wants to have the longest reign for the Divas Champion to be a current diva so I can see Nikki keeping it til' NOC. But probably Charlotte or Sasha Banks taking over after then if the back problems persist.
  2. I'm glad it's not serious, as well. The sooner she drops the title, the better.
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  3. Well injuries suck... Never good to see someone get hurt.

    Wonder how they're going to work around this at SS though?
  4. Elimination Tag Match either she gets eliminated first and shocks the world or she just doesn't do anything and steals the pinfall victory
  5. By not having her defend the title at yet another ppv...
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  6. Seeing at how she's part of a three team elimination match with two partners by her side to help wrestle the match for her, I don't see how it'll affect her Summerslam match at all.

    Triple H had a groin injury going into Summerslam '03 and yet still won and retained the World Heavyweight Championship despite only spending a total of about four minutes in the ring (it was an Elimination Chamber match.)
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  7. Legit forgot I hit "Post Reply" before getting on the bus, then when thinking of potential replies the first thought that came to mind was "As Majour says, either have the 30 day rule or don't, damn"

    As Lockard was saying she could not have to do much of anything. This match needs to set up a contender anyway, so why not do the Survivor Series 09 finish when they actually tried to push Kofi? With Charlotte and Alicia remaining and Nikki never tagging in, they get 5+ minutes to battle and put on a great match... Natural Selection for the pin, then as soon as Nikki steps in the ropes Charlotte just blasts her with a spear and makes her tap
  8. I approve of this idea.
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  9. LOL, yeah. Nikki's more protected than the company's WWE-WHC.
  10. :please:
  11. Nikki's been pinned by both Charlotte and Sasha. I guess a future WWE Divas title shot is in store for both gals.

    As far as the divas tag team triple-threat goes, Team Bella wins. Because they are the stars of Total Divas. LOL

  12. WWE like to think that the Bellas are the stars but the majority of people that I know (myself included) don't watch for them.

    The lack of title defences at ppv's pisses me off, especially at mania.
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  13. I'm 100% with you on this one.

    I'm back to watching the divas division because of the recent NXT call-ups, obviously.

    Oh, I agree. She should've defended the title more frequently. And I find it hilarious that, ever since Nikki won the title, she's been protected more than Rollins.
    Nikki must've been pinned around 4-5 times in total since winning the title. She's got 2 losses (to my knowledge) in singles competition, to Charlotte and Sasha, and I believe she got pinned twice (maybe thrice) in tag matches.
  14. She also had the terrible face/heel confusion, at times. And that twin magic shit- for that to actually work they would need to actually be identical again.
  15. The whole idea of the Bella's though is that they work heel vs Paige's team and work face against Sasha's. Not so much "heel vs face" so much as "good, evil, dastardly".

    Don't see why Team BAD are supposed to be that hated though. If anyone remembers Nikki retained the title a bunch of times through cheating, but it's been so long that who could blame anyone for not remembering lol
  16. The whole face/heel confusion is not all Nikki's fault, it's a mistake by the incompetent backstage suits.

    If The Bellas are heel, let them play the heel roles against other divas factions.
    Last night is a good example, Nikki is a heel and at one point she started working as a face.
    Actually, Sasha started that match as a face, IIRC, so then she starts bad-mouthing Nikki and the crowd gets confused, so they turn on both of 'em and started chanting for Lesnar.
  17. Oh, I'm not blaming any of that on Nicki. I know that the entire thing is all creative's fault.
  18. Yeah, silly monkeys.
  19. She seemed fine on RAW.. As long as she keeps the title until Night of Champions, that's all i care about. She must break that record.

    Nikki Bella is the most skilled diva in WWE and that's a fact.
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