Evolution Nikki Bella "Diva Isn’t A Bad Word"

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Oct 26, 2018.

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    Nikki Bella recently appeared on CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast to talk WWE Evolution, and the former WWE Diva’s Champion had plenty to get off her chest. She talked about how unfair people are to women from the diva era of WWE, and why it’s ridiculous that people blame the competitors for the decisions made by corporate.

    For everyone that is taking shots at the “diva era,” Nikki says to look back at the champions. “Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Melina, AJ Lee, Paige, Brie Bella. They’re strong, fierce women who worked really hard. I’m here to remind people of that history.”

    She then went on to point out the hypocrisy of the fans that cheer the attitude era at every mention. “You want to praise the attitude era. You want to praise the girls that did bra and panties matches, but you want to discredit women that worked hard because there’s a butterfly on the championship that we didn’t design? That’s not okay with me. That’s not empowering.”

    She ended her discussion by talking about the next step forward. “WWE Evolution means a lot of things, and I hope after Evolution we can stop talking about diva being a bad word,” explained Nikki Bella. “My sister and I, and a lot of the Total Divas cast always joke that ‘Oh, we’re sorry for giving you a hit reality show. We’re sorry for doing what you told us to do.’ It has effect. We get blamed for this, but you tell us to be here. I’m here to stick up for those women and remind people how hard they worked.”

    Read more at Nikki Bella: It's Unfair That WWE Blames Talent For Corporate's Choices

    I do have to agree with her. What they used to have women do in the ring wasn't empowering at all, it was degrading. I can think of quite a few big ones that stand out too, one involved Trish and Vince himself. I get it. It wasn't real life and it was all a script but it doesn't take away the fact that women shouldn't have been used like sex objects.

    The whole "Diva" thing was their doing, not the women who got in the ring. Most are aware of this though. Same thing goes with Vince having a lot of the women back then get breast implants. It is all distasteful marketing that I am glad is gone.

    However, a lot of these women still do act in a manner that fuels the whole "diva" is a bad word without even realizing it. This PPV isn't going to solve their problems though. WWE needs to do that and not push it on their women to do it for them.
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  2. Nikki, it's literally your TV character.
    Shut up and milk it for what it's worth.
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    Isn't that impossible?
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  4. That is the irony of it all... Her character is meant to be the diva... catty, girly, all about her looks, teasing men, flirting, and dressing like she is heading to a pole dancer's competition. A lot of men find this attractive, that is why her character is marketed this way and that is why she enjoys it.. she gets a lot of attention for her looks. I mean if you are happy being an attention whore, then admit to it. There is more shame in pretending you aren't what you are.
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  5. Yeah...we don't have those in Australia...

    We just have bogan sluts who do the
    same things but swear a lot.
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  6. She literally used Diva as an insult against Ronda Rousey this past RAW.. as she was going on about Ronda's mother being ashamed of her she said "Imagine what your mother's going to think when a DIVA will beat you for your title." Emphasis on the word diva as if it's the worst thing ever. So for her to say Diva is not a bad thing then use it in the way she did is quite hypocritical.

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  7. Michelle was decent and was pushed due to being with The Undertaker, Melina was decent, AJ Lee and Paige were great, and Brie...well she was there, and Beth Phoenix was okay for someone her size.

    Only fools praise that era, and when they do it is due to nostalgia and nothing else, and it isn't focused on the women as much as the men like Stone Cold and what not. But some of those women could wrestle just like in the "Diva" era, but they weren't pushed and if they were they had to do something stupid. Neither is what Nikki, Brie, and majority of the other women are doing is empowering either. If you want to empower then get rid of all the reality TV show shit, and put on good matches. Also, if you want to talk about empowering women in Wrestling then go look in Japan, Mexico, The American Indies, and elsewhere because WWE ain't doing it and never have.

    Diva will never be a good word, and thinking so is beyond dumb. Trying to embrace it and make a term of empowerment is like trying to make the word or phrase "Gutter Slut" a term of empowerment, it doesn't work. No one asked for a reality TV show, but then again WWE is so far from Wrestling that will be making sitcoms next. Some of the women in WWE have worked harder than others and they get shafted. Asuka, Ember Moon, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dakota Kai, Mia Yim, Becky Lynch, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Natalya, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and Deonna Purrazo just to name a few busted their ass off in the Indies, Mexico, Japan, Europe, and Canada and more to get where they are and guess what most of them either plainly suck now, get jobbed to no talent hacks like Carmella, Alexa, Lacey Evans and more, don't wrestle like how they normally would, or WWE just doesn't use them right.

    Meanwhile, you have women like Carmella, Nikki, Brie, Alexa, Nia, Lana, Naomi, Bianca Blair, and more who are no more than divas and get want ever due to looks, who they married to or dating or were dating, or they are a product of WWE and WWE loves pushing their product over actual talent like the women I have mentioned above. Nikki wants to talk about what she did for women's wrestling when she didn't do shit when compared to Ronda, Jessamyn, Shayna, Marina, Chris Cyborg, and many more women not just in MMA, but other places as well who were doing things to make women's sports "legit" and be equal to the men, and yet Nikki and the others were on a Reality TV Show and got their own spin-off. Wow, so groundbreaking right now, let me tell you what. That was the reason I like Ronda's promo so much because it came from a Woman who actually did break barriers down and such for women while Nikki was giving John a hand and being pushed and having meh to decent matches.
  8. Wait, didn't she talk about hating the diva term just like, three days ago?
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  9. She was trying to use the term Diva in the sense that a "do nothing bitch" could/would defeat Ronda, since Ronda is famous for calling women, who sleep their way to the top or get by with their looks as "do nothing bitches" which can be applied to the term Diva in a way.
  10. Nikki is self aware. She knows the word pisses people off and that's why she says it
  11. She's such a diva. :awyeah:
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  12. At least after this PPV, we'll never have to see this worthless diva again.. She doesn't really contribute much to the show anymore.. I think she'll be done for good after Ronda whoops her diva ass at this PPV.
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  13. Why would this be the end of Nikki? She's popular af.

    Also Nikki is far from the worst wrestler on the roster. So much more shit should go before her.
  14. I alwayd disliked how they handled women during thr Attitude Era, and the "Divas" era was a small step above that, but nothing compared to today. Hell I'd rather tune in to watch Knockouts than Divas during that time.
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  15. Its important for a woman to look good to get over. You cant get over by looking like shit e.g: Charlotte
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  16. The Bellas are a prime example of garbage in wrestling terminology; they have no business being involved with women's revolution; nor do they have any business saying anything remotely discouraging towards it... in this case for diva they are just that---the bellas and they need to get the hell out of wrestling forever.
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