News Nikki Bella Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dylan™, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. Jesus. Looks nasty from this view. Not that I enjoyed her on TV, but I wish her the best of luck if this indeed is an injury or maybe even a pregnancy (unlikely, but you never know)
  2. The best luck if she needs surgery. Maybe she was tired lmao
  3. When Cena means never quit, he means never quit. #Kinky
  4. We all know who did this.

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  5. I knew it was Gohan
  6. Hope she recovers quickly. Won't miss her on TV though.
  7. Dammit Miz.
  8. John has a nice purse :gusta:
  9. Off topic did the Bellas come back as Cena is sleeping with one of them?
  10. Cena's dating one and Daniel Bryan's dating the other in real life. Don't ask me who because I honestly don't care, lmao.
  11. DB is dating the hotter one obvy.
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  12. So gutted right now. Might not be able to watch WWE until she returns, as Nikki was the main reason I watched.
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