News Nikki Bella Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Jul 9, 2015.

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  2. The fuck are you going to make Nikki the longest reigning champ for? HHH needs a stronger shovel, that division is nearing the outer core.
  3. They need to hurry the NXT Women Invasion. Because the Divas division (MAIN ROSTER) is pretty bad atm.

    Also about the injury, Even if I don't like a superstar it is sad to hear them injured so hope she recovers soon.
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  4. That would be incredibly petty if true
  5. The AJ thing has to be the only reason she still has the belt. The division does not sound very entertaining atm. Anyway, hopefully she recovers soon.
  6. This.
  7. And ruin the NXT division for little main roster benefit? I'll pass.
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  8. Don't worry, the NXT's divas division will still have Dana Brooke (even though she's awful). lolololol
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  9. :yay:
  10. That's one thing Nikki and Ishii has in common
  11. You mean it would actually be surprising to some folks that the girlfriend of John Cena (who's one of the top stars of Total Divas as well) might surpass the record that CM Punk's wife previously set?
  12. :titus:
  13. I actually like the divas division.
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  14. Ugh. No morals whatsoever.
  15. Hope she will come back soon.
  16. No, they need to write and book the main roster divas better. They have talent in the division- adding more talents won't help if the booking is still awful.
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  17. Hope she recovers well.
  18. I don't like Total Divas too much, though it has parts that make me chuckle. I think it's awful that Stephanie would be chosen to work with Ronda Rousey. She's a person many of the girls would love to do something with, even if they did end up losing. I think the audience would be much better entertained by things if it were Kelly Kelly or somebody they felt they had invested in every week. Stephanie should be above all that.
  19. I disagree wholeheartedly. JR summed it up quite nicely on his podcast when he mentioned how wrestling was all show business like any other form of entertainment, and that a match between Ronda and Stephanie would generate far more interest than a match with either of them against any ordinary Diva (like, say, Charlotte) on the roster would. Stephanie is not only the greatest female heel on the roster, but arguably the best heel on the roster right now period (at least when she tries to be... It's been awhile since she's done anything that was particularly despicable, though.)

    Not that I wouldn't love to see Stephanie put over one of the other ordinary Divas and have them give her her comeuppance, but being objective, a match with Ronda would make for a bigger spectacle, and unfortunately, you just know Stephanie has too big of an ego to ever allow one of the normal Divas to ever go over her.
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