Nikki Cross...Deliberately Being Held Back?

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    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018 me throw this "theory" at you guys to see what you think.


    Now I absolutely adore Nikki Cross.

    She has amazing energy, solid in-ring skills & most of all...she is actually
    portraying a character...something that is severely lacking from the entire
    WWE product at this point in time.

    Now I was extremely annoyed when SAni†Y was moved to the main roster
    and Nikki was left behind in NXT...but I do understand the reason why that
    was done.

    The NXT women's division had already lost Asuka, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan,
    Liv Morgan, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose & Ember Moon in a small period of
    time & they wanted to keep Nikki in NXT to work with Shayna Baszler...which
    made perfect sense.

    But... appears that the Shayna/Nikki feud is over now...and the "Big Secret"
    on who really attacked Aleister Black could have been given to
    my question is...why isn't Nikki Cross being moved to the main roster?

    She failed to make an appearance in the first Women's Royal Rumble (An
    injured Ember Moon & Kairi Sane were given spots), she didn't appear in
    the Women's Battle Royal at Wrestlemania even though several other NXT
    ladies were given spots & she (like many of the NXT women) failed to make
    an appearance at Evolution...even though there was another Women's Battle
    Royal that the NXT ladies could have taken part in...even if they were just
    fodder for the main roster stars & the returning veterans.

    It just appears to me, looking from where I sit that Nikki Cross is possibly being
    deliberately held back.

    Now why would they do that you may ask...and I do have my own on theory
    on that.

    I believe those behind the scenes of the WWE main roster are uncomfortable
    with the idea of a woman portraying a character like Nikki Cross.

    Just look across the entire women's division on the main roster...while many of
    the women have their own style & look and portray some type of different characters...
    everyone is so...normal.

    Even Ruby Riott & Ember Moon with their unique looks have been somewhat
    "neutered" since appearing on the main roster...hell...the Riott Squad may as well
    be called "The Job Squad" at this point.

    What I'm saying is I believe those in charge don't want Nikki Cross on the main
    roster basically portraying a woman with some kind of mental illness.

    What do you think?

    Do I make valid point?

    Do I need to take my medication for my mental illness?

    Do you think the WWE will keep Nikki Cross as the same character on main roster?

    Let me know what you think below...and as always...I'll see you all around the traps.

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  2. Blame Triple H.

    The NXT woman's division is weak af so they don't want to lose her so soon. They wanted her to continue with storylines.

    The who attacked Alister Black storyline was god awful.

    Thank God Nikki did not get called up with Sanity.

    Sanity have such a terrible gimmick and deserve to be below the other tag teams on SDL because of it.

    Nikki Cross debuting on her own on Smackdown is what's good for her.
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  3. But what I'm asking is...will that even happen with the character she portrays?
  4. Don't see why not. The roster is full of crazy people.

    The problem is that Vince does not watch NXT so he doesn't know her character anyway.

    All NXT call ups change because they are being booked by a different guy.

    Her character is likely to change on the main roster. But that isn't because she portrays a woman with a mental illness. Majority of wrestling characters have mental problems.
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  5. Okay...

    That may be the funniest post I've ever read on here.

    "Hey don't worry about it. All these people portray fucking crazies on a daily basis."
  6. Its true
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  7. I would let Nikki Cross do terrible, sexy things to me. She likes to dominate, I can tell. She could destroy me all she wants.
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  8. "Terrible Sexy Things" sounds like a female faction name...
    Alexa, Carmella & Dana Brooke would be perfect for it.

    As far as Nikki Cross...I think most straight men wouldn't
    mind being "destroyed" by the Twister Sister.

    Any opinions on my theory about her being held back in NXT?
  9. I don’t think she’s being “held back” per say. Sometimes there’s a method to some madness. Most of the time I disagree with WWE’s methods, or don’t get them, but they keep making money so something is right
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    In the same breath, however, I think that CM Punk was mostly right when he said “WWE will make money in spite of itself.”
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  10. *slow claps* I am so proud of you Grievous.
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  11. I...

    Are you being serious or are you taking the piss?

    I can't tell...

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  12. Serious, amigo. As you pretty much have said what I have about pushing their talent over Grassroots.
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  13. Agree never forget how happy I was when she yelled shut up at me for chanting where's Eric Young?
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  14. Sweet...


    You should have been chanting "Show us your butt!"

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  15. Lol yeah I'm not sure I probably would have gotten a this is pg like the time I heckled Corey Graves lmao. So many fun memories in NXT. You get more interaction. I remember when Sheamus laughed at me and my friends booing him
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  16. I'm glad she didn't get demoted to Smackdown with them.

    Seems like, just like every other call-up, it's based on further plans for her in NXT. Plain and simple.
    They gutted the women's roster and Shayna needed credible opponents. Nikki was built up to be about an A- level opponent, taking Asuka and Ember Moon to the brink multiple times.

    Optimistically I'd love to say "Sanity was brought up without Nikki so that way they can get a boost to their act when Nikki joins them" but even together, it's safe to say if they're the Nation of Domination, Nikki Cross is the Rock.

    Feels to me like many fan theories about "burials" can be chocked up to general WWE incompetence
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  17. You make some very valid points Snow Man...

    SAni†Y were basically D.O.A on the main roster & have seemingly
    disappeared from TV. Perhaps they should shift them back to NXT?

    Its sad to think of the main roster being a demotion for the talent...
    but history shows it is for most of them.

    I guess I just think Nikki would make the main roster women's division
    more interesting...mainly because she's actually unique & different from
    everyone else.
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  18. I was screaming and yelling. Whooping and hollering like one of the four horsemen then she lost
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    Well...that shoots my theory in the head with a double
    barrelled shotgun & leaves the corpse to be consumed
    by pigs.


    Maybe I should make that thread about Jinder becoming
    the Universal Champion now?

    Shame Nikki was defeated in her debut...

    Also...Becky & Nikki should so totally team up in the future!

    Also...can Nikki have Carmella's spot on the Survivor Series team? it wrong that I want a cuddle for Nikki?
  20. Nothing wrong with that. Is it bad I want Nikki Cross to beat me up and call me names?
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