Nincompoops! (About Betting Legend)

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  1. Am I eligible now for the betting threads for Legend (You gave me the link already Crayo), since Solidus (Thank you! :emoji_kissing_heart:*) made me Superstar? Thanks. :emoji_kissing_heart:
  2. Niggas! (About Betting Legend)

    If you have been approved, you should be allowed to bet for legend. Although, you cannot bet for the Legend Betting award until you are legend.

    However, Crayo has the right to not accept a legend bet.
  3. Well, let's wait about that
  4. I'm confused what this is about. Do you mean, are you approved for Legend membership? Or are you approved for the legend betting award? The betting award is for Legends who have won a bet against me, you're not a legend, so you're not eligible to compete for that award.

    If you already have the upgrade link then you have been approved yes.
  5. I meant if I can bet to get legend already. 8D Since you said I need to "upgrade" to able to bet again.
  6. Normally you wouldn't be allowed, but I'll let you off. You can bet for Legend in the Summerslam bets when it's up. I'm too soft, I know.
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  7. You can bet for legend usually once a WWE PPV match card has been announced. The catch is that if you bet and lose, you have to pay for Legend membership.


    Ninja'd by Crayo :((
  8. :yes:

    Was just finding for some loopholes. :emoji_wink:) Because ypu techincally didn't say what upgrade level. 8D

    Thanks Dad/BF (incest? 0.0)! Love you. :emoji_kissing_heart:**
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