Nintendo Fails

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Dec 28, 2013.

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  2. Nintendo doesn't fail, assholes just can't handle awesomeness
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  3. :lol1:

    Honestly, while the vid makes good points, they have rarely screwed up a game in comparison to PS & Xbox
  4. The gamecube design isn't really a fail, because I really liked the gamecube and as a hardcore gamer, the colour didn't turn me or people I know away from it. Also the cartridges thing is abit of an opinion as well, CD games were pretty good, but one thing Nintendo consoles did right and still do better than other companies is No Loading Times. In comparison to alot of games, Nintendo's games have very little if any loading times.

    Also the whole thing with Sony wasn't really them "kicking ass" because they stole alot of Idea's from Nintendo, I.E Rumble, Analog Sticks, Motion Controls. But yeah, alot of those are where the Big N fails, especially with lack of games with online play!
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  5. "Kicking off the latest failure of the big N, the 3DS"

    Oh man, crazy how much has changed since the making of that video.
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  6. Most of the things on the list makes valid points (especially the Censorship issue... funnily enough, I'd also point out the original Mortal Kombat as a prime example of this) but making a big deal out of the Gamecube's physical design is just looking for something to complain about. Anyone who is turned off by a system or it's quality of games because of how the console itself looks qualifies as an idiot.
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  7. listen bros, the wii is the highest selling console of all time, and sega no longer makes consoles. That alone shows the real winner.
  8. I thought the PS2 was the highest selling console of all time. But in fairness, the Wii still outsold PS3 and X360.
  9. The PS2 wishes it outsold the Wii.
  10. Nintendo=John Cena
    PS=CM Punk
    Xbox=Daniel Bryan

    Internet talks about Xbox and Play Station all they want, but it's Nintendo that truly main events :hogan:
  11. It doesn't need to wish because it has, by over 50 million.
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  12. That analogy would make sense if CM Punk and Daniel Bryan fans spent their entire lives arguing over which one of them was better, but oddly enough it hasn't reached that point (yet).
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