News Nintendo President Dead

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Jul 12, 2015.

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  1. Holy crap

  2. RIP. He worked a lot on Pokémon gold and silver when he was part of HAL Laboratories. I dunk hours upon hours into Gold. Sleep well, Mr. Iwata.
  3. RIP memories were created in my childhood, and will forever be held in thanks to him.
  4. Sad news. RIP
  5. 55, that sucks. Me and my friends were playing Mario Party 3 the other night on N64, such an amazing game. Yes, it was Friday night and we were eating cookies and milk while playing N64 and we are men aged 21-25. Deal with it.
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  6. That sounds like a great way to spend a Friday tbf
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  7. it was pretty amazing. my only regret is we didn't have a copy of mario kart
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  8. Now you're making me nostalgic, man. Granted there are a quite a few good Mario Karts to select from. But 64 is easily the top one.
  9. N64 & SNES are my two favorites. probably just because those are my two favorite Nintendo systems by a mile
  10. I've easily clocked most of my Mario Kart hours in 64, never got a chance to play it on the SNES since we didn't have one. Double Dash is also a good one and the newest one is well made. Sleeper series for Nintendo that there Mario Kart.
  11. Mario Kart 64 was Godlike for the N64. Me and my uncle put in so many hours in that game.
  12. I know of at least one moment in my youth where a girl I was crazy for wanted to hang out but I opted to get high and play snes Mario kart with my friend instead. God I was an idiot when it came to women back then. But Mario kart! Woo hoo!
  13. I've got plans to do shrooms with a chick this weekend lol. dat versatility
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  14. Been there recently. Good times.
  15. I've nt done shrooms in quite. a while. I've also not had a chick cool enough to want to do that type of thing with in a minute. actually thinking about dating her, which goes against my general MO
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