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  1. What are some things you nit-pick about? Like things you want to have a certain way or it bothers you.

    For me its colors. I like colors to match. This falls into what I am wearing, how I decorate, and so on.
  2. I'm guilty of nit-picking John Cena. He actually isn't that bad
  3. So many OCD things... @Xanth is normally on the receiving end of them.
  4. Money has to go in size order (coins).
  5. I nit-pick the hell out of everything more or less. Pretty obvious for anyone who's read my reviews of Raw or even DBZ and such. Off the top of my head that I don't think I've mentioned before, people who say "I could care less" when they actually mean "I couldn't care less" drive's me nuts and I usually always point it out. I'm also going to use this time to point out my nit-picks with the site, again nit-picks which is why I haven't brought them up before. For one, the stupid star that started to appear above my avatar some hundred posts ago and the fact that the line separating posts from the email, message, find, etc boxes is no longer visible. Oh, and not directed at the site, but my signature really bothers me and has only not been replaced due to extreme laziness. I'll probably get around to changing it soon.
  6. This. That really grates on my nerves. So do other things like people saying "irregardless" instead of "regardless," misusing your/you're and its/it's, using apostrophes to form plural words, saying "in spite of" rather than simply saying "despite," etc. Lots of little grammatical things like that just irritate me.

    Anyway, I'm actually anal retentive about quite a few things. It bothers me for a cabinet or drawer to be left open when not in use. Toilet paper on a roll-holder needs to face the "right" direction -- over, not under. There are others, I'm sure, but no point getting into all that.
  7. :yay: I heart you.
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  8. Really?? :please: Yay! I heart you, too. :otunga:
    (One of my ex-boyfriends in a drunken rant one night actually said I was "too OCD." Can you imagine? Of all the nerve! :haha: )
  9. What a loser! One of the biggest problems in today's society is the lack of respect for language, and punctuation. It's drives me BANANA!
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  10. :lol1: at your last sentence. Seriously!! You may be my new hero! :yay:
  11. Our team shall be known as the Perfect Nazis!

    .....:hmm: maybe not.
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  12. :haha: Yes! ..... :okay:
  13. I agree. It bothers me when people completely butcher a language. Its one thing to do it online or texting but to verbally speak acronyms and make up shorten versions of words, or forgetting letters... Its like... Learn this language or find a new one. lol
  14. I agree with this on pretty much all accounts. Especially misusing your/you're, I don't know why but that one's special. Another one that I classify as my big three grammatical nit-picks would be misusing than/then.

    I got a wrestling one that also drives me nuts. When a champion doesn't come to the ring with his championship. Only really happens during Rumbles but it really irritates me.
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  15. I have problems with color coordination, if I can help it.

    Also, with the way my room is. Too many times people have put shit else where and despite the fact that my room is a mess, I know where everything is. It's a delicate balance that people need to stop messing with. :angry:

    I also have specific eating utensils I use at home. I have to use them at all costs, including my plate.

    I'm sure there's more but I'm blanking out currently.
  16. I'm very critical on music related things, both on myself (mostly this) and others. I criticize artists I love more than praise then.

    I'm also very picky when it comes to Documentation. I work as a lecturer (i.e. a high payed baby sitter who marks IT work). I've failed peoples essays and assignments just for using a specific font and layout.
  17. Just saw this a few minutes ago and thought of you when I read the Comic Sans bit :dawg:

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