Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neilbomb, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. hey all,

    happy post-WrestleMania. yes, it may suck that Asuka's streak is over, but I
    thought Charlotte was a good opponent, plus the Empress must be relieved to
    have the monkey (said streak) off her back, but that's a different topic. I was
    watching WRESTLETALK NEWS and they mentioned that several members
    of New Japan Wrestling were in the crowd taking the festivities in. namely,
    Hiroshi Tanahashi and Minoru Suzuki. in fact, Luke or Olie said that Tanahashi
    found it hilarious that fellow countryman Shinsuke Nakamura turned heel and
    lowblowed AJ Styles. so I was wondering why were Suzuki-san and Tanahashi-san

    1. did they simply want to enjoy the experience like everyone else?
    2. did they want to see for themselves how the WWE does a PPV special?
    3. might they be looking for another company to wrestle for (assuming there's interest)?
    4. did they want to show support for fellow countrymen Asuka and Shinsuke?

    three of the four are probably yeses. as for #3, as I said it assumes there might
    be interest in coming to the WWE, but that is up to them. Tanashi may find
    popularity there and Suzuki would be a perfect heel, scaring and beating up
    the roster. of course, the little I saw on a clip after an NJPW event when he teamed
    with Zack Saber Jr. his English may be a bit rudimentary, plus I'm not sure how Vince
    and Company would like his tendency to beat up everyone in sight from the ref
    to the ring hands. though someone said he actually is cool out of the ring and
    likes jazz and anime/magna. plus, he did make Asuka what she is so imagine
    that mixed tag team, especially in the next Mae Young Classic. thoughts?