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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Forrest OAKADA, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Thought this would be a good discussion thread....Not Sure if done or not.

    Anyway, Destruction was another Great PPV and NJPW are showing why they're the best in Japan and possibly the world. Devitt vs Tanahasi was Brilliant AND Naito vs Tanaka was a good match....
    Nakamura vs Benjamin and Okada vs Kojima were some good matches as well.....Even though my internet buggered it for me by losing connection in the first 10 minutes. The Tag Match at the begining between The Timesplitters vs Taka and Taichi was a nice opening....

    Any of you Guys Enjoy NJPW Destruction?
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  2. The PPV was fine enough, though not the best this year.

    **** for Devitt vs. Tanahashi, it was so damn entertaining.

    The rest was from solid to very good (Okada vs. Kojima being the standout match of ***3/4)
  3. Tanahashi vs Devitt showed off the main example why they're some of NJPW Best guys....And Why Tanahasi deserved his #3 spot on the PWI 500
  4. I only sporadically watch NJPW. Mainly watch a match or two that has been critically acclaimed, but nothing much.
  5. In 2013, I've watched more New Japan than ever.

    This year, I've watched every PPV, entire G1 Climax, and every Super Cup match.

    And boy I'm glad I did.
  6. So we are getting Tanahashi vs Okada for the belt at King of Pro Wrestling. Hopefully they don't take the belt off of Okada just for Tana to drop it to Naito at WK :sad:
  7. Whenever Okada and Tana wrestle, it's a classic, no matter how many times they've wrestled each other before that. I expect a surprising finish.
  8. And with Goto out, who would Okada face at the show before WK if he retains?
  9. Yeah, Goto and Kojima were the ones who had title shots by beating him in the Climax, damn. I guess Tanahashi wins. Pre-WK show we get a rematch or Tana vs. anybody who has a credibilty atm.
  10. didn't Okada say that if he ever drew with Tana again he would vacate the belt? Okada and Tana drawing and then having another match before WK for the vacant belt could work...
  11. Good call. I don't know what Okada said, but if he did, then that'd be awesome. Tana refuses to take the belt so easily, and demands one last match.
  12. Another hype factor would be that whoever topples Okada will be the 60th champ. That's a nice feather in your cap for either Okada or Tana, or even more for Naito if Okada topples Tana.

    If Tana wins maybe we could get Ishii vs Tana for the belt? But I'll believe that when I see it.
  13. That'd mean Tana beating both Okada and Naito then. Not so sure about that bro. No way Ishii is facing the Champ in 2013. February 2014 the earliest.
  14. I'll stick to hoping that Okada defeats Tana and kayfabe becomes the new Ace of the company.
    Seems to me like Okada and Naito making each other in the WK main event would be a better moment than Naito getting a "big win" over Tana so close after just getting one in the Climax final.
  15. Ibushi has signed on full time with New Japan! He's gonna keep doing DDT but he's now a full time New Japan talent as well.
  16. Ibushi is going to fit well in NJPW.....I'm Hoping for some good matches from him and I Hope there will be a Devitt vs Ibushi....
  17. Great news, loving Ibushi didn't quit DDT.
  18. The Youngbucks debut on Oct 25.
  19. Yeah, More Big tag matches! Who are they against?
  20. Brian Kendrick and Trent? (Baretta) are their first opponents in the jr tag league. The bucks are the newest members of the Bullet Club.
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