NJPW NJPW Planning To Run Standalone US Shows

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Black Iron PJ, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. I guess that explains why Okada and Kidani were in LA a few months ago. But if this goes through, I REALLY want them to have their first show in Los Angeles, I will totally buy tickets to front row seats.
  2. That's cool.
  3. I guess with a strong card and a bunch of promotion ahead of time they could do a good number... not sure about 3-4k, perhaps. The language barrier is something to consider, also.
  4. I thought they were running 2 in August.
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  5. lol at Kidani thinking New Japan can draw 3-4K people by itself in the United States. That's really exaggerating your brand power
  6. I'd go to their show if it's in LA tbh.
  7. They should really try and run a 5-6k venue, I think it's entirely possible with the right card and month of marketing. They've got 200k viewers on their AXS TV Show and their product has spread via word of mouth like wildfire.
  8. TV ratings hardly ever translates into attendance success. TNA gets more than that, and they struggle to fill a 5k person arena, and they have great exposure.

    They need to aim at Hammerstein and other New York arenas, that doesn't make the promotion nor it's product look trashy. If they want to go around the country, then 1k person arena should be the first aim.
  9. Which makes it iffy with ROH. Since ROH runs on the east coast. The main reason for Kidani wanting to run stand alone shows on the west coast is that ROH does not run there. They are already on the east coast 6 times a year with ROH
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