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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Aug 12, 2014.

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  1. A continuing critique I have seen for New Japan, both on other forums and from pundits like Meltzer. Is the current lack of depth in New Japan's future top star department.

    Something that when looking at it. I kind off can agree with. J&G have done one hell of a job with establishing Okada as a top star in the promotion and the most likely future ace, but it seems like everyone else gets dropped. Prime examples being Goto and Naito, who get built up only to be knocked back down. Naito seems to be regaining some momentum but I guess only time will tell if they'll actually pull the trigger on him this time.

    So here's my guestion: Who do you see New Japan building up to be the next main event stars? who will hang with Okada in say five years when Nakamura and Tana step down.

  2. Look at the Okada thing this way: you can't build TWO guys at the same time to be the next absolute Ace, I mean it's pretty obvious Okada is Tanahashi's heir, so they're pushing him as hard as they can because the crowds have accepted him for the role. It's his time to have long title reigns, and they can always pull the trigger on Naito and Goto to have a transitional reign to see whether they'd be accepted or not, similar to Okada's first reign in 2012.

    So yeah, Naito and Goto, that's two people. Guess what, Shinsuke Nakamura has never had a proper "epic" reign a la Tanahashi and Okada, and is only 34 years old (4 y younger than Tana) so I'm pretty sure he's gonna get his epic 1 year long reign. So, that's three people.

    You can rule out Ishii, Ibushi, Fale, Suzuki and maybe even Makabe, for obvious reasons. Karl Anderson still has a chance, so that's four. Shibata has a chance if he commits properly and starts doing full tours.

    Also, they can always pull another Okada with one of them young lions, Hiromu and Watanabe are coming home in a year or two. Sho Tanaka and Komatsu are the next for international excursions.

    TLDR, it's Okada time. There's a reason why is this company 42+ years in the industry. God, I wish there was internet back in the time when Inoki won 10 out of 15 MSG/World Leagues, or when Baba took 7 out of 10 Carnivals. Face it, people adore dynasties in sports, the same goes for wrestling. Sammartino and Hogan for WWF, Flair for NWA, Joe for ROH, just to name few examples. TNA never created a franchise superstar, that's why they're going out of business soon.

    TLDR 2, it's Okada time. Even if they start booing him (not happening soon), there's always a heel turn option.
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