No AJ on Raw yesssssssssssss

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. No AJ on Raw :yes: that was so amazing and you all thought she was the new golden girl well considering Vince isnt backstage now hes had surgery then I guess HHH is in charge and I guess he isnt a fan of AJ so thats why I bet she wasent on Raw looks like her de push has started
  2. Didn't even notice, but it makes sense, since I didn't puke during the show.


    Fuck off, Aj.
  3. I also didn't even notice.
  4. Lets hope its permanent.
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  5. I missed her but she's my favorite so that's to be expected. I wish she had the opportunity to wrestle though.

    Haters :sad1:
  6. I was actually sad about this
  7. and to think that I actually liked you.. :mad2:
  8. I didn't even notice.
  9. Don't get me wrong that nice ass of hers is just so... Entertaining
  10. 1) Vince was backstage, he was working on Fandangoo promos before RAW began.
    2) Even if HHH was in charge, the story is created a day or two before RAW airs.

    Also, 'Kayfabe'.
  11. Perhaps her Aunt Flo came for a visit and she couldn't perform :hmm:
  12. I noticed..

    My boy DZ wasn't there..:sad1:
  13. Why the fucking hell do you keep thinking that because a wrestler wasn't there for ONE fucking show that they are gone for good? It's ONE EPISODE for fucks sakes, not ONE YEAR. Can you calm your misshapen tits down? I bet you just have a stick up your vagina because you can't post your beloved Kelly Kelly bullshit anymore.
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  14. Vicious LD excites me :Vince:
  15. people still reply to BLFFL in a serious manner? :pity1:
  16. There’s a difference between gimmick and real life, people need to STOP basing AJ on their gimmick.
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  17. I don't care for AJ, sadly.
  18. We all wish she'd wrestle again, but i'm not sure that will be for awhile! :sad:
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