WrestleMania No AJ or Jericho at WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. Anyone noticed that neither of them are on the match card?


    AJ Styles should be at mania what the heck are they doing!?
  2. I guaranDAMNtee they'll be there.
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  3. They'll announce it tomorrow on RAW, most likely.
  4. Jericho didn't accept the challenge. Kayfab, brother. :hogan:
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  5. Why should AJ be at Mania?.. He just got there a few months ago.. They have a packed roster, they can't put everyone on the card, although they're trying... Maybe he'll be in the Battle Royal on the pre-show.
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  6. So, a guy who's really been over with the crowd ever since debuting shouldn't be on the Mania card? Awesome logic.
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  7. Don't be a goof.
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  8. If they don't show up i'm giving each match a drink penalty for this XD
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  9. I'm sorry... Packed?
  10. I'm sure he meant packed with injuries. :smug:
  11. Yes, it is packed. Thinking it isn't is just odd.

    The WWE roster right now, even with injuries, is bigger than it has ever been. Counting part timers like the Rock, Undertaker, Shane and Hunter there are currently 62 male wrestlers currently signed to the WWE. Add on 14 divas and the roughly 100 people currently signed to NXT in various stages of training and this is the most packed roster in wrestling history.
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  12. Umm yeah, but you seemingly never remember that they don't utilise all the talent that they have.
  14. Exactly :ambrose2:
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