No Ambrose = :((

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. When are they going to debut this awesome specimen of a man?
  2. No Amborse = :((

    Raw 1001 would work well IMO, let him say he's starting a new dynasty.
  3. RE: No Amborse = :((

    Very soon, I believe. I still think he'll debut attacking someone.
  4. what makes u think itll happen at all
  5. Considering he's signed to FCW right now and he's appeared in WWE house shows, it most likely will.
  6. Yeah, Ambrose will debut, of course. And it'll be soon, I believe.
  7. This is an outrage! He needs to debut soon or I will riot!
  8. w8 Why, the user the wrestler? who talk? y would come RAW anyway?
  9. I'm pretty sure Ambrose is being put on hold for 10x better usage.
  11. The wrestler, and because he's awesome.

  12. He is far more than awesome!
  13. This might be a little far fetched but I think he didn't debut because, Ambrose's character is basically the Joker, and what has just happened in America? Someone killed people saying he was the Joker, I think maybe they're just putting it on hold for a bit until that dies down, why else would Foley appear in his least popular gimmick? Might just be me but it wouldn't surprise me if this was the reason.
  14. ^ Just like when they stopped the episode of pokemon airing where tentacruel are knocking down tall building!! this was shortly after 9/11 !!!
  15. I don't think so at all. His character is similar to the joker but it's no way a copy and there's never any mention of it apart in smark feedback.
  16. I made a thread ont his yesterday questioning where he was as he was backstage cos someone at the St Louis airport got a photo with him as he was arriving with other talent so why didnt they debut him he could of interupted the wedding and started a feud with Daniel Bryan
  17. Why would you want Ambrose as a face though?
  18. I'm guessing Bryan would be the face with Dean the heel, having his wedding interupted as a tool turn Bry.
  19. Ambrose is like kharma, ive been hearing and seeing stupid discussions for 6 months now, and neither are here. Oh well.
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