No begging for donations.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Since we have added a new cash feature where users can donate to other users, I see it best to create a rule where begging for cash in public isn't allowed. Neither is PM'ing users and asking for cash. Donations are meant to be kind-hearted or to reward a service (like signature making for example).

    Those who are found guilty asking for cash will have theirs reset. There are plenty of ways to get cash if you are in need. You could do something nice for a user who needs it, or you can take part in the PPV-betting threads, prediction contests (winner gets cash now) or even the lottery if you feel lucky.

    Please report users to Administrators who break the rule above. Lastly, if I see this feature being abused I will have to disable it. That will be a huge shame as it makes the cash system much better in my opinion.

    Thanks guys.
  2. OH SHIT! sorry i was just joking. Don't have to get so serius!
  3. The thread isn't aimed at you Randy. I have just activated this and realised the potential for it to be abused, so I thought I would announce the rules around it.
  4. oh ok.
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  5. LOL Begging for cash haha

    Give me some cash!!!!! :angry: :sad: :upset: :haha:
  6. Why anyone would beg for fake cash donations is beyond me.
  7. because they are sad enough to beg for fake cash
  8. Do you get noticifications when donated?
  9. Not sure. Think you get a PM though.
  10. So If I wanna donate 5NP to testify I send u a PM and then u will give my money to him right ?

    Not gonna donate u NP bro.:testify:
  11. Did you get one? I donated you 0.01 earlier today.:mad2:
  12. No, you just donate to him using the donate feature here.

    Nope, I didn't get a PM. Hmm.
  13. Nevermind, fixed it now. You'll get a PM upon receiving a donation.

    Please don't donate to me.
  14. Wow, beg for fake money is really stupid, but now you can make a profile for the bets, you use the donation, write your bet and the winner or winners take the money, I think it's a good idea...
  15. Obvious photoshop.
  16. It's supposed to be a little fun and nothing more than that. It'll be sad if people start asking for donations which would/could get really annoying,
  17. So are you people giving me your money, or what.
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