No build... at all.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Punk/Bryan has no build. Bryan wins stop the clock challenge. Next week I can't even remember but they didn't interact, then this week they're in a random tag-team match which hasn't helped their build at all. They've had no mic time. One backstage segment from Punk saying he doesn't trust Bryan but that's it...

    Why? What is the video package even going to contain lmao?

    This has the chance to steal the show but it's meaningless. This is why OTL shouldn't even exist, cut the amount of PPV's for christ sake. /Rant
  2. Week 2, Punk got beat by Fat Albert, then D-Bry applied the Yes Lock. Pathetic.

    The one good thing you can take from this is that they didn't try to get heat on Daniel Bryan. The fans clearly aren't going to boo that guy after that bullshit loss at 'Mania, so even trying to do so would get heat on the babyface.
  3. There was more build for the divas title match and the tag titles match. Truly pathetic
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  4. So are we actually going to see Punk go over Bryan cleanly at OTL then they'll have a match at No Way Out where Punk wins again...?

    I could see Bryan winning it in a horrible way, then No Way Out is all the "keep your opponent in the ring" gimmick crap, so we could see Punk win it there. Meh.
  5. Oh, this might help the feud.

    Don't read if you don't want to know a SD spoiler

    Show Spoiler
    – WWE Champion CM Punk is scheduled for tonight’s WWE SmackDown taping in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Punk stated on Twitter that he is replacing Big Show, who was fired last night on Raw SuperShow. He wrote, “Smackdown in Hershey PA tonight gets punked. (that’s my lame/clever way of saying I’ll be there). Big Show won’t be, because he was fired.”
  6. I've speculated all along they just wanted to feed DB to Punk because he has momentum that they want Punk to have and in WWE's mind they think it's that easy.

    DB's momentum ==> Lose to Punk ==> Become Punk's momentum



    lmao, oh my god. CM Punk, the WWE Champion, is being reduced to being a fill in for the fucking Big Show. Amazing, impeccable logic. I'm blown away by WWE's brilliance.
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  7. Yeah! Just look at how well that worked for Sheamus..Oh wait.. :matt:
  8. IMP, I think since they know they are working with a two week interval, there really doesn't need to be big build since they can make it bigger than this match coming sunday.
  9. Well it COULD work if Punk/Bryan have an awesome ME segment.
  10. I see it as a filler leading up to something much bigger for both of them. The first couple months after 'Mania are always rocky unless it is a continuing feud from mania. Coming off of the fact that they were previously friends not even 3 months ago, it would have been difficult to create a compelling story. Also remember that Brock was unexpected. Punk could have had a planned feud with Cena, or perhaps Bryan did. Then Brock came and f*cked everything up. Just some things to think about.
  11. It looks like a filler feud, indeed (not that much of a feud, there was no build up). Which probably means Punk will retain. :okay:
  12. Basically what I meant just explained more.
  13. [​IMG]

    It was my idea... :bury:
  14. I believe Punk is enjoying working with Bryan. I don't think he feels the same way towards Chris, so the interactions were a bit subdued. WWE still hasn't given Punk the green light to totally be himself, but maybe they are saving it for a bigger PPV. The summer hasn't hit yet after all
  15. It just goes to show you how little the wwe title means these days.Last time it was a main event match at a ppv was TLC last year.Punk is supposed to be on smackdown this week so there must be and hopefully at least 5 minutes interaction between them.Also having so many bloody ppvs does not help the build of a feud.
  16. WWE gave him go to be himself? I thought he told WWE he going to be himself. CM Punk needs to use his charisma to get ahead in this business. That's what Rock and Austin did. Rock pulled Vince aside and talked with him and used his Charisma to manipulate him I'm sure.. And yes guys, this is a filler feud, but it has potential to be feud of the year if WWE invested more into it.
  17. Punk & Chris are good friends. Punk & Bryan are too. But we've had no interaction between Bryan & Punk.
  18. It's just Vince trolling the IWC.
  19. By trying to prove to himself and others that our favorites can't draw.
  20. Meh... It's a B-PPV anyway. The May PPVs never really draw anything speical.
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