"No, but your Mum does"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Miz made me giggle when he said that. CM Punk mentioned his wrestling ability - for no reason - and took a legitimate shot at Miz in my opinion, and Miz handled himself pretty well. Regardless, what was your take on the lie detector main event?
  2. I like the way Punk handled it. It seemed like they were legitimately taking shots at each other.
  3. Taking shots at each other angle was gold.
  4. Miz always takes shots at people, I remember he did it to Dolph last year when he was banging on about him not being over. Miz's remark was pretty unoriginal and unfunny IMO.

    Oh and really enjoyed the segment as a whole, I love it when WWE tries to think outside the box and do random things like that.
  5. It was just funny because Punk seemed completely serious and Miz dropped a your mom joke on him. :pipebomb:
  6. Yeah, I agree. I loved the segment and how annoying Miz came off to Punk.
  7. His shot to Dolph was because Dolph took one first, and it was the same with Punk. I love Punk but there was no need for the wrestling school remark and you can tell Miz was shocked by it, and he handled it perfectly. Thoroughly impressed with Miz in that whole segment to be honest. Sometimes Punk does have these legitimate shots at people which makes him come off as jealous and bitter, I wish he stuck to kayfabe with some of these promos.
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  8. Yeah Punk acted like a dick, but Miz should have known that by now lol. I thought he handled it really poorly, if that were Dolph for example, somebody who, is regarded by most as poorer than Miz on the stick, would have came up with a much wittier response than a Mum joke. Oh and the Dolph incident I was referring to was ages ago, I'll have a hunt for the video.
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  9. In what universe is it illogical for the Miz to throw a your moma joke out? Whilst a face now he is still the same egotistical character. Well within the bounds of his character and he did it well and handled both his segments well in my opinion.
  10. If you're above the age of 8 and making a Mum joke then it has to at least be somewhat original(see Rock), Miz's remark was just juvenile and cringeworthy. It wasn't illogical, it was just terrible.
  11. The Rock was original with his? It was horribly stereotypical
  12. The rock was better when he was insulting coach!
  13. Any Mum joke is childish but the way in which Rock delivered it made it funny enough (obviously subjective). A lot better than 'SO DOES YOUR MUM OHHH!!', god how anyone can defend that comment is beyond me. Fair enough the promo, but that 'joke' was simply awful.
  14. I must say I laughed when Punk talked about him not paying attention to wrestling school. Was a good segment, different.
  15. The crowd begs to disagree, the Mum joke worked well. Plus the Mum joke was adult-related as it was about Punk's WMum giving head I believe lol.
  16. I thought the your mum sucks thing was quite hysterical. Punk and Miz in a shoot on RAW would be epic TBH. Shame they give Miz scripts.
  17. Let's not diss apples and apples here.... a mom joke is a mom joke regardless of who delivers it

    To say the Rock delivered it better is a weak argument for a very stale, ancient and insecure come back joke

    The joke, itself, ought to be buried in the ground somewhere and never allowed to breathe air again

    That said, Punk is a douche who took a shot that was uncalled for. We all know Miz is no Bryan, but Punk ain't Chris Masters either
  18. Went down pretty good especially with Ryback at the end. :emoji_grin:
  19. Was pretty juvenile imo. You'd think someone who is beloved for his mic skills would be able to come up with something better than that. Such a cringe worthy moment.
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  20. I marked out theres no way that was scripted those were legit shots at each other. I have heard CM Punk/Miz really dont like eachother in real life and you could clearly see that in the segment. I thought it was good Miz fought back and wasent taking any shit from CM Punk and dissed his mum lol CM Punk didnt exactly defend his mum though what a great son he is NOT. Go Miz own that asshole
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