No CM Punk Attire Policy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Dec 23, 2014.

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    If this is true, is it right? Personally I'm gonna say hell no it's not right, that's people's choice.. I mean they put CM Punk in the game that released about 2 months ago so why have this in effect.. I think it's stupid.
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  2. Oh, look out... WWE's so butt-hurt.
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  3. I'd like to hope that this is just stupid rumour. If it is true then they're bigger idiots than I ever thought. It's especially funny since the webstore is still selling Punk merch (albeit in the sale section)

    That link is only taking me to the news page, not an actual page.
  4. Hmm... Not that I would put it past WWE to do something like this, but this seems a little too dictatorial even by their standards. If it's true, it's no doubt a decision that Hunter and Stephanie made since reports said they were the main ones fuming over Punk's comments on Cabana's podcast.
  5. Signs I can understand, but clothing? nah.
  6. It's ridiculous... Just wait till they make ya change your (CM Punk) username here, bro. :dawg:
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  7. It keeps changing my Link for some reason, it's a link for WrestleZone.

    I have no idea why.
  8. Well, I guess WWE is a bit mad.
  9. :nope:

    Not at all.
  10. I don't know why but your comment made me lol, it really did.
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  11. I call absolute bullshit. You buy a ticket and they turn you away because of your shirt? If anything you bring your shitty punk shirt and get a WWE shirt trade in. Upgrade.
  12. This is bovine excrement.
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  13. They should do something like that, kind of like the Patriots did with the Hernandez jersey trade-in and the Ravens jersey trade-in.
  14. Who in the fuck brings extra shirts? If I brought a dogshit CM Punk shirt, i certainly wouldnt taint my other shirts by wearing one as an undershirt, therefor I need a free Ziggler shirt and i'll give you that piss yellow ****-stain CM shi(r)t.
  15. I'd just flip the shit inside out if I were someone who had been asked to do something about the shirt.
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  16. I think everyone would. It's just so disrespectful.

    If they end up doing this shit, then I wouldn't be surprised if the fans who'd been asked to take their CM Punk shirts off started rioting and stuff.
  17. I highly doubt it, but I hope it is. It proves that they hate Jesus if they get those shirts. Praise the Lord
  18. I would wear a Chris Benoit t shirt.
  19. It's like they just expect people to bring an extra shirt. "Excuse me sir, we're going to have you to remove your shirt, or you won't be able to proceed even though you probably paid a lot to attend the event. No refunds either!" Lol, fuck that. I wouldn't leave until I got some free merch to go inside with.
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  20. What about a sign with a big Pepsi logo?
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