No Commentary? Yay, Nay?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. Watching Sami Zayn Vs Adrian Neville in a dark match was quite enjoyable for two reasons. I was ale to watch the moves without the cameras switching in weird angles, and no commentary drama, granted I love storylines and when commentators speak upon the moves it's amazing, however that's very rare and I ended up enjoying this match without the extra crap.

    Do you think matches like these need commentary? Or do you like it without commentary? Let me know. I am interested in others opinions on this.
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  2. You can tell it's a great match when you don't need the commentary, which is at its lowest point in years atm. Reminds me of all the old ECW fan cams, some of the best hidden gems ever in there.
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  3. Colour commentary is *supposed* to add to the experience and I truly believe it did back in the day, Now? I just have raw running on mute most of the time unless its a promo so that shows where I clearly stand :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. I'd happily never listen to Lawler, Cole and JBL commentate again.
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  5. I thought it, you said it. *high five*
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  6. TBH, the announcers make me chuckle from time to time, so I would miss it a little. Whether it be me actually laughing at what they said or just reacting to what they said be being like 'you dumb ass' and making myself laugh.

    That all being said, I miss the days of JR actually telling you what the moves are when they do it instead of the BS chatter that goes on most days ('vinatge' :stfu:). Did anyone notice they used one of the newer guys from NXT on the Smackdown from 2 weeks ago? I need to watch last weeks so I can see if he was still there. I liked having SOMEONE ELSE in the mix for once.
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  7. Get Paul Heyman, Regal and JBL on commentary and there you have it. No more Jerry Shitler and Micro Cole garbage...
  8. Ugh anyone. Please. Not a Cole fan here. Lawler>Cole IMO
  9. If they have a "No Commentary" version of Raw on the Network I'd buy it without hesitation. These three are truly abominable.

    It's hard to watch the show on mute (unless its the Divas) because the sound effects and the crowd add so much to the show (+ having to unmute for promos, etc). But it's usually a better idea than listening to these three.
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  10. Get the fuck out. Just fucking leave and don't come back. @Solidus this is Trip's resignation post, time to find a new moderator.
  11. If that DQ's me than fine. I totally stand by that opinion.
  12. Lawler is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. He can't even be called a colour commentator. Like seriously.

    Michael Cole selling DBryan at Elimination Chamber and Mania was some of the greatest commentary I've heard in years.
  13. A monkey could have called that match and its still would have been enjoyable. More-so even
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  14. Shows how bad things have been in the E for years. Cole maybe good by modern standards because the world has crumbled around him.
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  15. I'm talking post-match on both occasions.
  16. I just can't stand Cole personally. His voice irritates the HELL out of me. I just wanna punch him in his face. :razer:
  17. Had a debate with a friend recently about who the better commentary team is between the WWE Trio and Tenay/Taz. That is NOT an argument you want made about you from either side.

    To be honest, from the little bits of AE stuff I watched during the Network trial, so many of the things that were different were production-based and the stuff like commentary. JR and King always talked about the show and even at times stared into the hard camera to recap and get everything that just happened over. These three goofballs now are less on-topic than Shadow, GN, and i during a Raw LD back when we did those.
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  18. The only time I liked Cole was when him and Tazz were doing commentary on SmackDown years and years ago. Now he's just meh. Sad but true, he's 'the best' one they've got today, I can stand Cole somehow... But that thing called Lawler is beyond awful. GTFO old man! I'm cool with JBL, though.
  19. Announce team does need some re-working, yes. I vote for Booker.
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  20. commentary is fucked right now, on the few occasions I watched NXT, they got it right, but most guys don't have the mic skills to flow.

    (and Adrian Neville's theme is awesome, reminds me of Smackdown! Just bring it's overall theme)
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