WrestleMania No Diva's Championship match at Wrestlemania 28?

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  1. Now that this is booked:

    Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

    There is no Diva's championship match booked for WM 28.
    Everyone was expecting that Beth would wrestle Kharma or Natalya at WM, but things have changed.

    No idea why, but there should be a Diva's championship match at WM, right?
  2. Should there be? I think the real question here is, do you care?
  3. Well, there's no United States Championship match either.
  4. [​IMG]
    Diva's are wasted anyway so may aswell lob the "celeb" match there.
  5. Rather have a Diva's Champ match with Beth and Nattie than this sponsor crap.
  6. Yet more proof the Divas division is on it's arse!

  7. Sucks uh? Hmm, I still can't believe it..
  8. I'd be happy if there was no women's match at Wrestlemania, personally.
  9. I wish there was a women's match at WM but a long overdue good one I hope to hell this may be a sign that they sort this Divas garbage out after WM and give the division a much needed kick up the arse and if not well I'd rather them scrap it all together and if they are going to just hire models at least use them as models and do bikini contests surely they're PG?
  10. Yeah, bikini contests are good. (see sig)
    Dunno why they stopped doing it. If a kid is on the beach, there sure will be a girl in bikini, so why not in WWE?
    Enough girls who will look good in then imo.
  11. Exactly and if they are hell bent on not hiring that many decent women wrestlers then just dont bother and have a bikini contest as it still kills time and ppl can use it as a piss break if they want.
  12. True, the matches are short as hell. But the girls in WWE aren't that bad looking.
    Bikini contest: Rosa, Bella's, Eve, Kaitlyn, Kelly, Alicia, Layla and Maxine.

    Pretty good card to me..
  13. Thats my point exactly most of the ones u mention cant wrestle and have been hired for there good looks.
  14. Yeah, the ones I didn't mention are pretty good ones: Beth, Nattie and Tamina.
  15. I agree mate those three have talent as wrestlers along with Kharma!
  16. True!

    Kharma + Henry stable sounds nice to me, rite?

  17. LOL that stable would steamroller there way through the WWE in seconds.
  18. Yeah, with the theme song:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA followed by: Somebody's gon' get their ass kicked + Henry music.

    lolled at that haha
  19. PMSL nice one there mate!
  20. Hahah thanks, maybe someday it will happen. lol