No indication legal marijuana raises crime rate – study

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  1. Enemies of marijuana use have warned that legalizing the drug for recreational use would incite a crime epidemic, turning users into drug addicts and morphing dispensaries into malevolent drug dens. A new report, though, seems to debunk that rhetoric.

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  2. Shame. I thought it would lead to a 500% increase in Corn Flakes-related burglaries.
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  3. Wow, we should do that to all prison dogs, give them weed so they can be mind fucked rather than be active in the streets
  4. I legit laugh my ass off every time some idiot tells me Weed is addictive. OH it is an epidemic, they tell me while we sit at the bar together, before they mention they had too many cups of coffee today.

    Fuck those idiots. I am over 18, if i want to ruin my life and shoot up heroin why do people think their opinion should regulate others?
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