No intergender matches?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RoyalRaven, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Why is this?

    This seemed like a good match to me :/, why do we have split divisions?
  2. Would you honestly see girls like Alicia Fox go toe to toe with Ryback?

    The thing with Chyna was that she was played up as almost being a man herself due to her bodybuilding background.
  3. It worked because of Jericho, even though he detested doing it (source: his second book). I don't know how many other guys would've given her the chance to be equal. It's mostly a pride thing I'd imagine. Couldn't see Punk or Cena bumping for Aksana.
  4. True, but it saddens me that the Female wrestlers are essentially digging their own graves.
  5. Although I would mark pretty hardf for an Awesome Kong/Mark Henry match :yay:
  6. It would work with Beth Phoenix if she was still there, I think Generico had one against Sara del Ray in the indys. It would have to be with women that were not the typical sissy i love pink type.

    Also reminds me of this [video=youtube][/video]
  7. :LOL1: She already sells better and has more moves than Cena and Sheamus. She went in pretty hard in those corners too.
  8. Because WWE is PG. You can't have men hitting women.
  9. Intergender violence doesn't look good. If they complain about Diva stuff from 10 years ago, I'm pretty sure doing it nowadays would cause them big problems.
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