No Laws For 24 Hours

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, May 30, 2013.

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  1. If the government issued that there will be no laws for 24 hours in 3 days... What would you do?

    You only have 3 days to plan anything, if you plan to do something.


    For me, I would move all my valuable stuff to a locked storage place in my basement. I would then proceed to ruin my house. I would make it look like someone broke in and already raided it. Before the clock struck midnight of the 24 hour no law period, I would bust out some windows, break the door, shoot some bullet holes in the walls and head to the basement with my husband, cats & parrot. We would all stay in the basement with the electricity turned off and wait it out - though I think my husband may end up leaving to do something, I wouldn't. I would have a gun, tear gas & metal baseball bat on hand. If someone comes in & enters into the basement, I would attempt to knock them out and tie them up, then move them to the garage & leave them there until the 24 hour period expires. So basically, I wouldn't rob no one, kill no one, or do anything bad/wrong. Just be prepared for the worst to happen because I know many people will be robbing houses.
  2. Probably kill at least 3 hookers. Maybe stab a few stray cats with rusty screw drivers. Definitely rape a few nuns. Might go around looking for people who fucked up their own house trying to thwart criminals and steal all their pets. Who knows, possibilities are endless.
  3. The Purge, nice movie. I would put traps outside my house. IE, holes, bear traps. If I had a gate I'd electricute it. Turn off all the lights to the house. And chill for the 24 hours.

    Either that or I would just take everything out of my house, sofas, T.V. and anything valueble. Then I'd go to a solitary place where people don't know about until the 24 hours passes and hopefully much damage hasn't been done to my property.
  4. Rob a bank, punch random people on the street, steal Britanica's cat's and sell them.
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  7. take a shit in public
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  8. Definitely would go all out gta mode
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  9. But if the hookers fight back, you're screwed. :pity1:

    By the way, is this thread serious or theoretical? Realistically, I think we'd all just hide and wait for it to be over. But if we're talking fantasy, I'm with all the others. Rape and mass murder would be pretty high on my list. I'd probably indulge in a little public nudity as well. With an assault rifle for protection, of course.
  10. "Stab a few stray cats with rusty knives." [​IMG]
  11. Go into the military base, steal a tank, and run over parked cars at Disney World. Would also break into concerts, steal fast food, and steal candy from a baby. Oh and rape Brits cats.
  12. Cats cats cats... :mad2: dirty devils.
  13. Spray paint "SW4G" on every Church.
  14. Rob a bank. That is all.
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  16. I'll go on

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  18. I would extinct cats!
  19. Woah airbourne eat a snickers. You become a crazy mother fucker when you're hungry.
  20. Money. Get a lot of money, then hide somewhere confined.
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