No Lesnar for the next two weeks

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Sad news :sad:
  2. So we're guaranteed a HHH promo soon announcing that he'll face Brock again or something. No Brock = :sad:
  3. You'd think they would want to capitalize on what happened last week with Vickie and Heyman. IMO it kills his heat to have him disappear for two weeks.
  4. Could we at least get some pre recorded promo or message at least to keep the heat going?
  5. One could hope, but I have a feeling that it won't happen.
  6. Then Heyman better do his job and carry this then.
  7. Heyman also has Punk to deal with. What would be interesting is if Punk drops him, so he can focus on Lesnar.
  8. Heyman hasn't been seen with Punk for two weeks. Punk handled last week by himself. Would be interesting to see Heyman bounce in between clients.

    I guess Vickie could carry the Brock story since it was she who kayfabe resigned him.
  9. Wonder if Vinny Mac will come out this week. :hmm:
  10. Anything similar to that interview he done when he feuded with Cena that time would be fantastic.
  11. Arrive.
  12. So you want Brock Lesnar to cut a promo :facepalm1:
  13. Produced by a UFC promo producer. Shocker that it was good :lol1:
  14. It's sad news that he won't be returning for a few weeks. However I'm sure when he shows up again it's sure to be dramatic.
  15. It makes sense considering he won't be on the card at EC.
  16. Not good news, but I'm sure we'll have some feud progression even if he's not there, so alright.
  18. Not bothered about seeing lesnar or not
  19. You're not a fan of the beast Lesnar? :downer:
  20. Its not that I'm not a fan

    I just want to focus on the rivalry's that are gonna be at EC
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