News No longer exclusive, Bryan speaks on Hell In a Cell

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  2. I can't tell you how much I marked to see his Velocity stuff. I think this is a great video package, showing his serious side is awesome. Seeing his indie videos is amazing too. And holy shit, that ending is just made from marking material, this video package is worth watching for anybody :obama:
  3. I swear that chant is going to happen Sunday lol
  4. Awesome, always nice to see indy stuff in WWE-produced things and the ending line was great.
  5. "I always keep my mental focus - Uhhhhhhh...." - LMAO
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  6. Pretty excited for this match now, and I haven't been watching for at least a couple months lol. Such a pretty man.
  7. Watching that video makes me wanna become a full Byran mark and start claiming that he's the new Stone Cold, the greatest wrestler who ever lived, better than CM Punk on the mic. It's not true, but he makes me believe.:please:
  8. Daniel Bryan is like faeries in that way. You have to BELIEVE.
  9. That is a pretty cool package. Marked a lil bit.

    "You're gonna get your head kicked in" It made it here. Now all we need is "I Have until 5"
  10. + final countdown
  11. Vince bought licenses to songs for edge/cm punk/taker/triple h(prob more)Not sure why he wouldn't for DB
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  12. Killswitch Engage isn't as popular as the single song Final Countdown, Triple H is the chairman's son in law so no doubt for that, and Alter Bridge is the same for Killswitch Engage, they're popular but not to popular that they can make expensive demands. Plus it's exposure for Killswitch and Alter, so I'm sure they didn't exactly need to dish out lots of demands again. Europe on the other hand, while not as popular, the Final Countdown is extremely popular, so I can see a high cash demand for this song due to not needing the exposure and no loss if not added.
  13. True, what about living colour, limp bizkit, and kid rock?
  14. Undertaker is a big money maker, so it's understandable as to why they would buy it for him. Punk, well they gave him a 434 day reign, and I'm sure he probally pushed them hard for it since he was nearly off of his contract. They favor him to some extent since he can also talk about negatives in the company and not get punished. As for Kid Rock, who used his song?
  15. Taker,
  16. Same situation as before then. Undertaker was over with the crowd completely(whether heel or face), and a loyal worker. He wasn't exactly a huge draw, but he was still a very big name in the WWE back then, and even bigger now. It's possible he even pushed it to make the whole badass American over.
  17. Ic, they should just pony up some cash
  18. True, I think after showing some of his indie stuff and even using a old catch phrase of his, the only thing that is missing is the Final Countdown. I personally don't mind which theme song he uses, but I will admit it would be awesome to see him use the Final Countdown one last time at Hell in a Cell if anytime he is going to use it.
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  19. Also rev theory for orton. Finger 11 for kane (slow chemical) Ric flair ( space odyssey)
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