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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by SWAGSUKE, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. I see one thread on this from Lupin, back in 2014. That's very cool, because that's how long I've been following the development of No Man's Sky. They just went gold yesterday. Check out Sean Murray @NoMansSky on Twitter, he posted the picture. A small small team has created what appears to me to be the most ambitious game of all time.

    18 quintillion planets in the galaxy. The heavy rumor is that when you get to the center of the galaxy, you go to a NEW galaxy with just as many planets. Each planet it's own ecology and lifeforms, all created for you and you only through procedural generation. It is highly doubtful that anyone will see the planets you explore, but if they do they will know you were there by the creatures you name.

    There's all kinds of depth to the game that they're holding back on, simply because they want you to experience it for yourself when you have it. It's a game of discovery and exploration. You're a seeker both of resources but of knowledge regarding the universe you find yourself thrust into.

    I said thrust hahaha.

    Ok anyway this game is gonna rock. Who's with me? August 9 USA / August 10 UK

    If other people here had the game, I would love to have this thread here as an anchor to share our experiences and screen shots etc.

    Anyone else picking this up?
  2. I know a lot of you guys are hesitant to pick up the game for the full price, so here's what I have on the game so far and I'm not giving it an official rating or anything because I've only played it for about a day and a half so it's too soon.

    So No Man's Sky does not give you a clear motive. It gives you a clear objective, but never a reason why. One of the cool things about the game is the fact that it does not present you with this, leaving you to discover why it would be important to do something.

    Show Spoiler
    There are hidden ruins and ancient alien artifacts on every planet that reveal things about the species and world before. You get to learn about the alien cultures that you speak to

    That leads me to say that finding the center of the universe is not the only thing to do in the game. Your objective can drastically change depending on the choice you make. In fact I'm heading opposite of the center of the universe because of it.

    Anyway, the gameplay it's not frustrating, it's irritating, and here's why. You start off with jack shit naturally and you have to upgrade your gear, which was to be expected. However, these upgrades then take up space in your inventory rather than just going to the item. For example I started out with maybe 7 inventory slots, meaning i can hold 7 items regardless of that they were. Naturally I have to automatically put slots for Shield, Life Support, and Suit, so that leaves me with 4 slots. If I wanted to upgrade my shield, it would leave me with 3 slots. Let's not forget that you also need these slots to carry resources to make other upgrades, fuel spaceship, fuel life support, and craft items. Plus you cant craft anything without having one empty slot.

    This makes no man's sky a very difficult game to play. Not difficult in the way that you'll get fucked up by shit, but you have to think a bit more about how you manage your inventory. This isnt like Skyrim where if you get over encumbered then you drop those fancy shoes you were holding on to. Most of the stuff you pick up you will actually need, so when it comes time to drop stuff it's a bitch cause you know you'll have to mine it later and you end up traveling somewhere where the resource is unavailable.

    I heard that people were calling it a survival game and that's correct, it is.

    In terms of Multiplayer: So Sean Murray said the chances of you finding another player is close to zero, well I read an article last night where two people almost did. They were on the same planet on different servers so they were unable to see each other, but here's the thing. I dont think No Man's Sky multiplayer is off the table completely. If everyone playing this game is headed for the center of the universe, then wouldn't that mean they would run in to another player? But at the same time, we have no idea the person we're playing as looks like, so maybe not. I don't think multiplayer is a thing that'll happen anytime soon, but i wouldn't count it out.

    Last thing I got to do in no man's sky is space battle and it's my least favorite part of the game. There's no tutorial on how to do this, it's just like "Hostile Space NIggas Detected, you about to get fucked up". There's no running away from battle, you will die. I have yet to take down a single space ship because it seems like there's no lock on system. Since then I've upgraded my ship, so maybe I'll manage, but as for now it's a pain in the ass since I have to go back to where I died to get my stuff back.

    This game in general lets you figure it out and that's where the appeal comes in. This is not an on the rail game. This is not a game you want to play for an entire day. This is a game designed to be put down and picked back up when you feel like it. I haven't played it high yet and when I do I'll post a separate analysis of the game.
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