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No Mercy 2016

Solidus, Oct 8, 2016

  1. Solidus submitted a new betting event:

    No Mercy 2016

    Place your wagers here...
  2. Not betting on a couple of them this time. Veeeery short odds (understandably) on some of the matches this time. I need to protect my virtual currency dammit, I'm selling forum cash to fund my future childrens' educations.
  3. I'mma win some good money here. :nakamura4:
  4. Show me the monehs!
  5. Hey...Question...

    If we placed a bet on a match and it doesn't take place...
    is our bet refunded? Just curious...

    I bet on Alexa Bliss to beat Becky Lynch...and yeah...
    Might not be happening...
  6. Once you place a bet, it cannot be changed/refunded, I believe.
  7. Oh...No worries...

    Its not like its real money...
  8. Since Becky Lynch wasn't in the match but Alexa Bliss still lost I don't win that bet?
  9. The match was cancelled, therefore nobody wins.
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